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Tarot Prediction & Divination: Unveiling Three Layers of Meaning

Bring more depth to your tarot readings and unleash your psychic sense—it’s easy once you understand the three dimensions of the tarot. Internationally respected tarot expert and author Susyn Blair-Hunt presents an original, step-by-step approach, using the tarot’s visual cues as a means to awaken your psychic abilities and help you discover the predictive, therapeutic, and spiritual messages hidden within the cards.

If you’re just setting out on your journey into tarot, you’ll find everything you need to get started immediately. Have a little more experience under your belt? You can use this guide to expand your abilities, refresh your perspective, and take your interpretive skills to the next level.

Compatible with any deck of your choice, this unique system offers new techniques that will give more versatility to your tarot interpretations. With fifteen original layouts, forty-five sample readings, and a series of informative correspondence charts, this book will help you perform the most effective and profound readings possible.

—Expand your interpretations through tarot imagery
—Choose the ideal Significator
—Identify topic-specific card combinations
—Explore special sections on love, career, health, timing, and more
—Learn readings for dreams, past lives, channeling and the chakras

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2 comments on “Tarot Prediction & Divination: Unveiling Three Layers of Meaning

  1. Unique Tarot Spreads To Unveil Deeper Meaning In The Cards In Tarot Prediction & Divination, Susyn Blair-Hunt presents a series of uniquely designed Tarot card spreads to help achieve a deeper meaning in Tarot readings. With so many Tarot books already in existence and more being released every year, authors are looking to present materials beyond the basic card meanings and standard Celtic Cross spread. Ms. Blair-Hunt suggests that a comprehensive Tarot reading transcends standard divinatory meaning or fortune-telling. By taking a closer look at the cards, she demonstrates how both therapeutic and spiritual messages can be deciphered from the cards.Although she does provide some basic card explanations including keywords and a brief overview of the Tarot, this book is better-suited for someone already familiar with the card meanings and standard spreads. The majority of the book is divided into three sections of Tarot spreads: those better-suited for beginners, intermediate readings, and advanced spreads. In the section for beginners, Ms. Blair-Hunt provides unique spreads for yes-or-no questions, daily advice, getting to the root of someone else’s motivations, and an annual forecast reading to look at the upcoming year. Most of the beginner’s spreads use anywhere from five to ten cards and are centered around basic questions.In the section of intermediate readings, more cards are used to answer complex questions or a series of questions. Of particular interest are the spreads for reading the two parties in a relationship, weighing options through decision trees, and the crossroads reading, a spread of 12 cards that examines two different pathways toward an end-goal.The most complex and unique readings appear in the section of advanced spreads. In the gypsy’s mirror reading, Tarot almost becomes a fun game as the querent intuitively selects 16 cards and strategically places them in the spread for answers in a general reading. Ms. Blair-Hunt also offers spreads for interpreting dreams, understanding chakra imbalances and health issues, and exploring past lives to understand relationships and karmic causes in this current life. One of the most fascinating spreads is the channeling chalice where cards are laid out to make contact with spiritual entities or guides.The main criticism for Tarot Prediction & Divination is that Ms. Blair-Hunt suggests that for certain readings, it may be appropriate to remove cards from the deck that could be interpreted by the querent as negative or upsetting. If Tarot is to be taken seriously, one must understand that life brings both positive and negative situations. To avoid the negative is to do the querent a disservice. Ms. Blair-Hunt is mistaken when claiming that removing certain cards from the deck does not limit the effectiveness of a reading.The appendices are especially helpful and include approximately 50 pages of Tarot keywords, suggestions for choosing representative significator cards, and using the cards to understand timing. The most important appendix demonstrates the meaning of card combinations for relationships, health issues, and other life situations. This book is a solid addition to any Tarot library.

  2. Excellent Tarot Book This is a “must have” for your tarot library. I really like the concept of looking at a reading using the three layers outlined in the book. These layers are Divinatory, Therapeutic, and Spiritual. From the book, “Each card contains three very different messages for us to consider.” The author does a very thorough job of explaining and teaching this idea. The book is divided into sections for beginner, imtermediate, and advanced readings so you can jump into the section that best suits your level of experience. There are sample readings to go along with the spreads which were helpful for me in understanding how to read the three different levels for the cards/positions. I use this book so much that I took it to FedEx to have it spiral bound so it lays open and flat while studying. The first appendix in the back is a list of keywords that is helpful but not so much that it becomes the meat of the book. The book mainly concentrates on teaching the reader to find the three levels of meaning for each reading using the 45 sample readings as the main teaching tool. This is a book I refer to almost daily and has been invaluable in stepping up my tarot learning. There is a Yes or No reading on page 21 using 5 cards that has proven to me to be extremely accurate. I learned with this particular spread, to ask a very, very specific question. You will get the answer. I highly recommend adding this book to your tarot library.

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