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TAROT PLUS – An Instant & Fun Glimpse into Your Past, Present & Future!

Past, Present & Future Readings:
Whether you seek to gain a meaningful perspective of the past, understand the present, or reveal alternatives for the future, Tarot Plus is certain to provide hours of fun and entertainment for everyone! Great for personal readings or unique fun for parties too!

Tarot Card or Rune Stone Readings:
Tarot Pluws creates comprehensive Tarot card readings, using the popular 78-card Rider-Waite deck, or Rune stone readings in seconds! You have a range of 10 Tarot card spreads and six Rune stone spreads to choose from for your readings. Each spread has different reading properties and a spread should be chosen that is suitable for your question. The moveable card viewer gives you a close-up view of each card. Its position and meanings are viewed onscreen or record a spread instantly.

Spreads Recorded Instantly:
Tarot Plus records a spread for
Tarot Card or Rune stone readings in an easy-to-read HTML format to use at a later date or view and print for immediate use. A spread depicts the cards chosen and their divinatory interpretation and meaning of their positions. Great for personal readings or intriguing entertainment for family and friends!

Product Features

  • PC CD-ROM Software
  • Windows 95 & Higher
  • Complete Tarot Card Readings & Rune Stone Readings
  • In the Comfort of Your Own Home in Minutes!

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