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Tarot Mastery: Learn The Secrets Of Reading Tarot Cards And Discover Their True Meaning!


Are you curious about the aspects of tarot?

Do you want to know some of the history behind the mystic art?

Did you have someone read your cards once and now you want to know how they did it?

Look no further than the pages of this Tarot book. This book is jammed full of all the information you could possibly want when it comes to the art of tarot.

On the overall, from this book you are going to learn:

  • How tarot card reading began
  • How tarot card reading has evolved from one shrouded with mystery to a practice for everybody
  • How to select your deck of tarot cards
  • How to shuffle the cards and cut the deck
  • How to do a reading
  • The different tarot card spreads that exist
  • How to create a bond between you and your cards
  • The meaning of the tarot card numbers
  • The meaning of the tarot card images
  • The importance and uniqueness of the major arcana
  • What stage you are at in your life’s journey in matters of self actualization
  • How to stay on track in the quest for fulfillment
  • And much, much more..

This is truly an all in one informational book. You cannot truly know how to do something without knowing some of the basic history of it, did you know that every region has its own version of tarot? Or that it started out as a card game that was not mystical at all! You can know all of that and of course how to get the answers to any question you have in life through the deck.

Buy your copy today!

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