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Tarot Magic

Tarot Scholar Christine Payne-Towler’s metaphysical readings combine an encyclopedic knowledge of tarot with an enlightened viewpoint. The software contains 16 essays, representing the latest in tarot research and the history of the cards. Authentic card shuffling captures the exact mathematics of shuffling and cutting, while providing animated feedback. It can fan the cards for you to pick from, or you can use a physical deck if you prefer manual shuffling. Either way, Tarot Magic helps you int


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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    New age Tarot reading!, June 5, 2001
    Trish Skinner (Bremerton, Wa United States) –

    This review is from: Tarot Magic (CD-ROM)

    I bought this CD through an ad and was pleasantly surprised. I especially liked the option to choose from various decks and spreads. I’ve been reading cards for about 7 years but my mother has been reading them for ages and she admitted they were very accurate.

    What I liked:

    * Variety of spread and cards

    * Assistance with wording the queries

    * Visual display of cards and meanings

    * Scroll down ability within the cards meanings

    * How many times the cards have been shuffled (or the age of the deck which is important to tarot readers)

    * Completion Indicator of shuffled cards.. ie, 78%, 98%, 100%

    What I didn’t like:

    * Saving the files into a word document to send to friends who requested readings via e-mail. Not only do you have to save it to a Word Document (or similiar) but the pictures of the cards were not downloadable, unless you used another program type. ie; .jpg, .bmp, etc. It became too complicated.

    * Once the reading was over you had to exit out all the way out to the parchment to change the spread and rewrite the same question.

    * Only one option for shuffling the cards may be used at a time. An individual can’t shuffle AND cut the deck at the same time. You have to change the option each time. A small detail, but for tarot readers, ensuring the cards have been well shuffled is a must! Without wasting the time it takes to accomplish it.

    Other than that.. it was relatively simple to use. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but it proved to be worth the money! Enjoy!

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  2. 28 of 29 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Part of Ultimate home Horoscope and Tarot program, March 23, 2002
    atmj (Rochester, NY USA) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Tarot Magic (CD-ROM)

    I purchased this program as part of a set of other divining programs called “Ultimate home horoscope and tarot”. However, this program is the standout of the bunch.

    Not only do you get to pick from 10 decks of cards which cards you will for each reading, but there are multiple types of readings you can do.
    The ten decks are:
    Gran Tarot Esoterico
    Grand Eteillia
    Ibis Tarot
    Medieval Scapini
    Oswald Wirth
    Rider Waite
    Stairs of Gold
    Tarot of the Stars

    …I was disappointed that the Morgan Greer tarot was not available however, I find the Marseille deck an acceptable substitute

    The eleven spreads are:
    Advice Spread
    Celtic Cross
    Days of the Week
    Horoscope Spread
    Life Cycle
    Relationship Spread
    Right Livelyhood
    Self Knowledge
    Stair of David
    Tree of Life

    With each of these decks and spreads are explanations of their history and significance to the reader.
    Also within the library are the following text subjects, available in Acrobat Reader format, meaning readable outside this program and printable:
    Minor Arcana
    Major Arcana
    Suit of Wands
    Suit of Coins
    Suit of Swords
    Suit of Cups
    Esoteric Tarot
    Esoteric Origins of Tarot
    An Approach to Tarot History
    The confluence of the 3 great systems
    The Continental Tarots
    The Gnostic Tarot
    The Spanish School
    The English School
    Essay on the Major Arcana
    Essay on the Minor Arcana

    The feature I liked the most during a reading was the specifity of the information provided. Instead of given overall meaning for the card, you were given, the meaning relative to its position in the spread, the general meaning and the explanation of the position of the card.

    I like the fact that you can save the programs and it does this automatically by date. Also when it prints out it gives you a very attractive printout instead of a bare bones looking printout.

    The user of this program, controls 100% what is done from the shuffling and riffling, cutting and moving, to the special effects associated with the sounds and information provided.
    I personally don’t like sound with my program and this was an easy thing to switch off.

    Though you can Alt-tab to run when other programs are on, you lose the bottom bar to easily switch from one to the other.
    Also I wish you could add other decks. These are very minor problems.

    If you are a beginner in Tarot as I am, this is a cool program. It runs well (I have a 733 Pentium with 512MB Ram however) and it is an interesting program to run. I have gotten hours of enjoyment from this. However, buying it within the other program was more economical.

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