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Tarot: Get the Whole Story: Use, Create & Interpret Tarot Spreads

Creating original spreads is a rite of passage for many ambitious Tarot students. James Ricklef gives valuable lessons in doing just that-with advice for finding inspiration, defining positional meanings, and structuring a layout.
“Tarot: Get the Whole Story” is also for those who want to peer over the shoulder of a Tarot master as he demonstrates a variety of new spreads. Readers will learn which spreads are best for relationship concerns, personal transformation, New Year’s resolutions, life decisions, and more. Each chapter discusses a new spread with detailed explanations of positional meanings and dynamics between the cards. Also included are illustrations and entertaining sample readings featuring Clark Gable, Marie Antoinette, Hera, Don Juan, and other historical, literary, or mythological figures.

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  • Tarot: Get the Whole Story: Use, Create & Interpret Tarot Spreads

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2 comments on “Tarot: Get the Whole Story: Use, Create & Interpret Tarot Spreads

  1. Freedom with Tarot!! At last, a very comprehensive guide to learning to create your own spreads for the Tarot. This book differs from others in a few marvelous ways…1. Ricklef uses characters from literature with whom we are already familiar, so he gives us examples from people we already “know”.2. Having someone walk you through every step of the reading and possible interpretations is more than just static meanings for the age-old tool…it brings the Tarot to life!3. Ricklef opens the mind to creating spreads that fit a particular situation. You learn to use your own symbolism and what feels right to you, so your own spreads mean more to you.I highly recommend this book to anyone…beginning through advanced. You learn the freedom of creating ways to use the Tarot that feel right for you with practical examples in a constructive environment. Bravo, James! ;) OH! And you should defintely check out his web site: [...] for his new deck The Tarot of the Masters, which was inspired by paintings created by the greatest art masters in history. Being an artist, I have a deck and I just LOVE it!That’s my two pence…Arial Burnz[...][...]

  2. The cards place James Ricklef’s book in your future What an amazing feast James Ricklef’s third book is: readable, informative, and, most importantly, outright fun. I know little about tarot and am not a practitioner, but I am always interested in learning about other beliefs, religions, and practices. The beauty of all Ricklef’s books is that they are written for novice and expert alike. There is enough explanatory material to make someone like me feel like part of the in-crowd–yet also so much insider information/references to the beliefs of famous masters that even the most experienced buffs will find new ways of thinking about an old art. In addition, Ricklef neither talks down to the novices nor bores the devotees; he finds with verve and panache that middle ground so many writers cannot.Light a few candles, put on some low music, and pick up this delightful read.

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