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Tarot: Fortune-Telling vs Spiritual Readings

Fortune-telling is just another term for “predicting the future.” In recent years, though, thanks to fortune-telling scams, the term fortune-telling has become unpopular. People feel there is a negative connotation to it. Still, I am using it here it its formal meaning, reading the future.

Spiritual reading may be losing its good connotation, too, thanks again to those storefront outfits with neon signs trying to lure passersby into their scammy clutches. However, I use the term here as it was taught to me, meaning using the cards or other spiritual means to get spiritual advice or guidance for someone who has asked for your help.

My teachers made a distinction between the two. They considered spiritual readings to be a service, to help guide people on their spiritual path. They considered fortune-telling to be at best a distraction; at worst, a crutch that could make people dependent on readers for their every decision: whom to date, which job to take, whether to buy a new car, or where to move.

I was taught, though, that any decision—perhaps every decision—has a spiritual aspect. It can either move you forward on your path, or set you back. That’s why it is important to find out what the client is really asking—or at least to tell them what they really need to know—not necessarily what they want to hear.

Not every answer is mystical. For example, clients who are fearful for their safety may need psychological or spiritual help. Or they may just need good home security systems. The fears could be groundless, or they could be the product of some subliminal clues the client has picked up about the safety of her neighborhood. As readers we need to be practical and have common sense.

For the most part, though, my teachers taught that we should look more to the spiritual health of the client, and the rest would fall into place. That is, if a person is healthy spiritually they will probably not attract bad things into their life.

We were also taught not to be judgemental. That is, when bad things do happen, do not simply assume that the client is “being negative” whatever that may mean.

Assume that you are there to provide a service for the client, and ask your guides to provide them with whatever answers they need for their spiritual health and for their physical health and safety.

When you do that, the distinction between fortune-telling and spiritual reading tends to blur. And that’s the way it should be, I think.

We are here to provide the client with whatever they need, whether we understand or agree with it or not, because we see only part of the whole picture. If we relay to the client the answers we are given to give to them, that is all we need to do.

Your experiences and beliefs may be different. If so, please leave a comment below and share your thinking on this topic. Of course, you are welcome to agree or elaborate, too. Thanks.

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