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  1. Best reference for Golden Dawn style tarot decks. When Aleister Crowley split with the Golden Dawn, he considered his sacred duty to publish all of it’s “secret” teachings. This is his version of “Book T,” the GD’s lesson on how to read the Tarot. This was written before Crowley designed his own deck, and the descriptions of the cards clearly refer to the original GD deck, and not his Thoth. This is, therefore, an invaluable source on interpreting the GD deck itself, and those derived from it, including the Rider-Waite and all of its clones. It is very weak on the Major Arcana, giving only short keywords and no theoretical background. As Crowley says, “This table [of keywords] is very unsatisfactory. Each card must be most carefully meditated…” The Minor Arcana, however, are described in great detail, along with their Cabalistic and astrological attributions. There is additional interpretive information, including reading by dignification, and a description of the Golden Dawn “all day method” of reading the cards. If you want to read GD style decks, this is THE source; before the est-groupies and psychobabblers got ahold of it. This same info can be found in other compendia of Crowley’s works, but this edition is short and to the point.

  2. The Easiest Interpretation This is the easiest to read out of all the several books on Crowley’s Thoth Tarot because of its small size at a fitting 66 pages. I found this at Barnes & Noble in a mall, so it isn’t that hard to find, nor are a lot of Crowley’s books. This is short interpretations on each card of the Thoth Tarot with some tables thrown in for good measure. A lot of others I’ve seen when reading Crowley seem to think this is hard to read. While I admit I struggled with Crowley early on I understood it all. I started with novels Moonchild and Diary of a Drug Fiend. Once you get use to his poetic cadence and manner of speech, this is not very difficult to read. If you can understand Shakspear(?- spelling) you should be able to understand Crowley. Not a very big investment at all if you are interested in Crowley and especially his wonderful Tarot. I would recommend The Book of Thoth and Tarot Mirror of the Soul in addition to this. I finished this is 3 sessions over a two day period. At the price, you can’t go wrong.

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