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Tarot Card Reading: An Introduction: Beginners Guide Learning, The Ultimate Secret Of Professional Fortune Telling, Beginners Guide, Reading Deck, … True, Learn (Occult How To Guides) (Volume 1)

I Just Bought A Deck Of Tarot Cards, Now What? While it is easy to think that there is no art involved in reading tarot cards, this field is much more complex than one might assume. As you read this book, we will take you into the world of tarot card reading and get you to see that skills are necessary in order to provide clients with a reliable reading. Not only will this book help you to become familiar with the specific meaning of each card, it will also assist you in being able to provide an interpretation when the cards are combined. The book will also cover some of the most common spreads used in tarot reading, which will allow you to provide an interpretation based on the representation of each card position. What’s Inside: Chapter 1 – Tarot: Knowing what it is Chapter 2 – Going Deep with the Major Arcana: The Fool to The Wheel of Fortune Chapter 3 – Going Deep with the Major Arcana: From Justice to The World Chapter 4 – Knowing More About the Minor Arcana Cards Chapter 5 – The Spreads: Knowing How to Properly Read Each Card

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