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Tarot Basics: Tarot Cards for Beginners (Wicca 101)

Tarot Basics: Tarot Cards for Beginners is an essential primer for beginners and intermediates alike who are interested in learning about Tarot Cards.

This guidebook discusses choosing a Tarot deck, how to read Tarot, the Major and Minor Tarot Arcana and so much more.

Chapter One – What is the Tarot?

Chapter Two – The Purpose of Tarot Cards

Chapter Three – The History of Tarot Cards

Chapter Four – What is Cartomancy?

Chapter Five – How to Choose a Tarot Card Deck

Chapter Six – How to Shuffle Tarot Cards

Chapter Seven – The Tarot Environment

Chapter Eight – The Major Arcana in Tarot Cards

Chapter Nine – The Minor Arcana in Tarot Cards

Chapter Ten – How to Read Tarot

Chapter Eleven – Interpreting Tarot Cards

Chapter Twelve – Asking Tarot Questions

Chapter Thirteen – Creating a Tarot Story from a Reading

Chapter Fourteen – Tarot Card Pairs

Chapter Fifteen – How to Analyze Tarot Court Cards

Chapter Sixteen – What Is a Tarot Card Signifier?

Chapter Seventeen – What is a Tarot Card Spread?

Chapter Eighteen – What is the Open Tarot Reading?

Chapter Nineteen – The Significance of Reversed Cards in Tarot

Chapter Twenty – How to Perform A Daily Tarot Reading

Chapter Twenty One – How to Have Tarot Readings for Others

Chapter Twenty Two – What is the Tarot Card Question Reading?

Chapter Twenty Three – Conclusion to an Introduction to Tarot

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One comment on “Tarot Basics: Tarot Cards for Beginners (Wicca 101)

  1. Very Disappointing This book manages to say very little in many words. It contradicts itself, repeats the same information, and explains nothing in any worthwhile detail. It is WAY below basic. Let me give you the same information for free – buy some cards, shuffle them, spread them out however you like, and decide what it all means! Now THAT is basic!

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