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Tarot Basics

Note: This new edition of Tarot Basics (revised 2/27/13) now includes an extensive keywords section at the end for all 78 cards–almost 1,500 extra words worth of valuable information.

The Tarot Basics eBook is geared towards those new to Tarot as well as those that would like to do more with the cards.

The information covered in this eBook includes:

  • Introduction
  • Major Arcana
  • Minor Arcana
  • The Four Suits
  • Court Cards
  • The Four Elements
  • Ways to Use Tarot
  • Choosing a Deck
  • Cartomancy – Divination Using Cards (Symbolism of People, Numbers, Words, Colors, Objects, Animals)
  • Nine Ways to Clear a Deck
  • Using Numerology in Interpretation (6-16 meanings given for numbers 1-10)
  • Tarot Collages
  • How Does Divination Work?
  • Using Tarot for Creative Writing
  • Creative Questions for Fiction Writing
  • Ten Spreads
  • New! Extensive Keyword List for all 78 cards
Card illustrations on the cover are from the Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin, used by permission. HezicosTarot.com

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3 comments on “Tarot Basics

  1. Left Me Wanting More I’m not new to the tarot, but I enjoyed reading this basic/introductory book. I like a number of concepts that the author wrote about, some are even new as far as being in print:-Using the tarot for creative writing (personally I’ve never heard any other authors mention this, but I’ve done it myself on occasion)-I love her selections of spreads included in the book, some I’ve never heard of either (the tree spread, the life lesson spread, etc.)-Tarot collage (again, I’ve never heard of any author mention this; even though, a friend and I have been doing this for years. We use some cards on our feng shui layout vision boards)I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I can’t wait to read the author’s other books. I’m glad she’s a prolific writer; I just wish I had more time read. (Maybe I can prompt the women in my book club to read one of her books?)

  2. Revised edition is the best Let us commence a journey into the much traveled topic of the Tarot. The reading of Tarot Basics can be an enriching experience. The Tarot is often misunderstood by people who just don’t like that sort of thing. But Tarot Basics dives in and helps anyone to understand the Tarot.Tarot Basics has been a real eye-opener for me especially with the new keywords for the different Tarot cards. People in todays world can gain more of an understanding to them when some of the older Tarot keywords just don’t connect with some. Using phrases help to generate more of a story to that Tarot card.Tarot BasicsComparing the meanings of the tarot with the reality of today is like contrasting Tarot meanings with the today way of thinking.In the Tarot symbols cannot be over looked but words cannot be over-looked either. Tarot Basics opens up a new way of understanding the Tarot. I even learned a simpler way to connect The Minor cards with the Zodiac I thought of if while reading Tarot Basics.I can say that Tarot Basics has, and will continue to be a major building block for those who are seeking out understanding the Tarot.I choose this rating for it is full of useful information in helping a tarot reader understand the tarot and how to work with it.I really didn’t dislike anything about the book it was so useful I will be recommending it to all my students and anyone looking to understand the Tarot.

  3. i would recommend good info i liked it had the basics of tarot reading and that is what i was looking for. simple book.

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