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Tarot A Book of Secrets (An introduction to the Book of the Tarot for beginners): An introduction to the secrets of Tarot card reading for beginners … interpret the meanings of Tarot card spreads

Tarot: A Book of Secrets by Stephen Williams

An introduction to the Book of the Tarot

Tarot: A Book of Secrets examines The Book of the Tarot, that ancient deck of cards which has found a secure place in the heart of our Age. This book has been designed as a point of reference, written in terms that can be used and understood by beginners and even the more practiced Readers alike.

The book opens with a very short history and an explanation of Tarot cards. This has been kept as a brief examination since the main purpose of Tarot: A Book of Secrets is to focus on interpretations of each card and how they may be read in a Tarot spread. Sample spreads with instructions are also included to enable the new card reader to immediately practice the craft.

About The Author

Stephen Williams is the author of:

Novels … Servant Of Desire, Death Speaks In Whispers, The Dead List, A Bad Place To Die, Beast On The Landing Short Story Collections … Games Men Play, Avoiding Lebanoth

Non-Fiction … Unity In Diversity: T.S. Eliot and Religious Liberalism, Tarot: A Book Of Secrets

Poetry … Walk With Strangers, Going For The Throat, Laced With Cobwebs, Rags Of Old Conversations, Doves Eat Hawks Collected Poems 2013

Stephen Williams has also written numerous articles, essays and short stories for newspapers and magazines across the world. In reviewing and awarding the prize for “Computerised Judas”, contained in Avoiding Lebanoth, Mr Stephen Fry commented that Williams’ work is formally and stylistically imaginative.

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