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So Below Deck: Book of Shadows Tarot, Volume 2

So Below, volume two within The Book of Shadows Tarot Kit, is now available as a stand-alone deck. Explore the beliefs, symbols, and values of Pagan and Wicca spirituality—and how these teachings manifest in the real world. Following basic Rider-Waite structure, this vivid and powerful tarot helps us recognize—and learn from—the magical energies that surround us in everyday life.

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2 comments on “So Below Deck: Book of Shadows Tarot, Volume 2

  1. Nice Artwork Brings Sacred Feminine Into Modern Day to Day I did receive the second deck to about a month ago but held off on this review until I did some research. You see I was a little disturbed about the thinner card stock in volume 2. I had hoped to eventually do two deck readings using Volumes 1 & 2 but now the cardstock being different will make shuffling together a bit odd… I contacted the company to inquire about the inequity.I received a reply from Riccardo Minetti, a tarot artist and executive with Lo Scarabeo. He gave me some important information about the thinner cards of volume 2:”The carsdstock is slightly lighter, but what should make up for it is that the cards have an all “black” layer in the middle. It is a card quality used for Playing Cards in Casino (where the black layer is necessary to block any possibility of a see through on the cards). The added bonus is that, even if the cardstock is lighter, it should resist shuffling usage wearing for a long time.”This was an “ah-ha” for me as I’ve been shuffling and reading with my New Vision deck for years and it shows little to no wear. I don’t know about Llewellyn’s other flimsy tarot decks but the Scarabeo decks are not as flimsy as they feel and the softer printing stock does make for an easier shuffle.what he also had comment about my idea of two deck readings with the 2 volumes:”I love the twin decks project. The two decks, however, are different in feeling (and artwork). As Above is a deck about expansion. It creates frames, ladders, pathways… it is supposed to make you look upward, to bigger, higher and deeper things. So Below is a deck about being human and suggests you to look inward. It creates moments, snapshots, feelings of recognition.”The artwork is significantly different. Volume 1 has more depth of field making it more photo realistic where as Volume 2 is flat and more graphic novel like. Don’t get me wrong…graphic novel artwork is very sophisticated… it’s just jarringly different from Volume 1. But I personally think that the difference, in an odd way, compliments each other. Also Volume 2 is just as female centric as Volume 1… its like the teachings of Volume 1 applied in modern day to day… I still think shuffling these decks together could garner some very powerful readings/teachings with the mystery of the first volume cards being clarified by the lightness of the 2nd volume. Ok I could go on and on and on; the artwork is a lovely celebration of the sacred feminine and when I finally get my office cleaned up and have figured out how to use my new all in one printer scanner I will post some side by side pics comparing the two decks…

  2. Tarot in real world I love this deck because most of its images describe real life situations. What I dislike about it is the green border, but the images are perfect for my style of reading (I tend to read based on predictions, and fortune telling) so this deck is perfect for that. It really allows room for my Intuition and spiritual abilities to kick in. The other bad thing about it is the card stock is way too flimsy, but other than that – I love it.

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