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Signs & Wonders – Tarot Cards for Christians

There are countless books about the Tarot available. Most tell how to read fortunes in the cards. Signs & Wonders is different. Signs & Wonders seeks to reclaim the Tarot from fortune tellers and occult practices. Its purpose is to redeem the Tarot from past and present abuses, explain the rich symbolism of the Tarot and unveil the Divine and Biblically consonant revelation the Tarot cards transmit. If you have ever looked at a Tarot deck and felt and unusual curiosity or had the strange feeling there was something more to the illustrations than meets the eye, this book is for you.

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2 comments on “Signs & Wonders – Tarot Cards for Christians

  1. Some nuggets, but caveat emptor! There were some nuggets, enough to give 3 stars. I chose this as my main book of study to familiarize myself with the Tarot, coming from a Christian background. I figured it would be the closest match to my mental map of reality. The Author used the Rider-Waite Universal deck. (NOTE: the author used a pseudonym, asexual, so I use “HE” for simplicity.)I found that there were issues. A baby in bath water, so to speak. I must give my warning: CAVEAT EMPTOR!PROBLEMATIC ISSUES:1: Insufficient Descriptions: The first few cards, Fool to Lovers, were described and explained well. I only had a couple questions for little details left out of the author’s descriptions and explanations. As the cards progressed, though, there were more and more gaps in the explanations. Many times I had to go to the Internet for a google search, which was annoying, as some times I was in a place without a connection. Also, as the cards progressed, there was less “description” and more “soap box issue speaking”. Lots of bath water around this baby. Like if our baby were given a bath in a small, above-ground pool instead of the sink.2: Assumptions: The author assumed his passing knowledge of physics was enough to draw parallels in universal and Tarot construction. Unfortunately, as I am also from a serious physics background (studied atomic/nuclear and quantum) his theories in general physics were severely flawed. Even chemistry was brought in.EXAMPLE: the +/- of batteries. The author assumed the + is where the electricity starts from. It doesn’t. Electricity moves from greatest negative charge (-) to least negative charge (+) like a river moving downhill, from greatest potential energy to least potential energy.What’s bad about this case is he actually used his limited understanding to build his argument for serious issues. I almost wrote the whole book off then and there. I decided not to be judgmental, not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Overall, I’m glad I didn’t. This would be all the dirt in our baby’s bath.3: Lack of Biblical understanding: this was not a problem at first. The symbolism in the 0-5 cards and in Genesis 1-3 have decent parallels I wouldn’t have picked up if it weren’t for the author’s descriptions. As he went on, however, the gaps in his understanding became apparently abysmal, and downright Hitler-like. I tried to go back and find the greatest of this, (where the author used a word reversal with a phrase in the middle of an illustrating verse (which completely reversed the meaning of the entire verse, nullifying it)) but couldn’t find the spot. In the 1500′s this would have been enough to get him burned at the stake, or excommunicated because of his misquoting, at the very least. I do remember one: where in 2 Chr and 2 Sam David uses a census on Israel. The author says “2Sam recorded God inciting David to the census, 2Chr says Satan did it, therefore there is error in the Bible”. Then he used this conclusion to build other arguments. THAT IS NOT WHAT IT SAYS! 2Sam says “God’s anger” caused David to census Israel, not God Himself. The Bible also records that David was closest to God’s heart. And every person knows Anger can open one to all kinds of ideas. Even devilish ones. There were other examples that gave me pause to wonder if the author really WAS a Christian, or if they had a “Christianity for Idiots” book they used to help them write this one. Following our baby bath analogy, this is when the baby took a dump in the bath water and started playing in the result.POSITIVES: the author had some fantastic insights to the written Hebrew language and how the tetragrammaton displays His Name and Image at the end. The last chapter is where this happens, nearly worth the price of the book. Also, as I said, the descriptions were more than decent for the first 7 cards, too, and some of the remaining 15 cards had poignant nuggets hidden in the sand of words.As there is a whole lot more bath water than baby (and dirt, and baby poop), be careful. That said, read it, compare to other sources, watch out for how he uses scripture, and grow.

  2. The Truth About Tarot Cards I really took this book seriously and researched and examined each concept as it was presented. As a result, I will never see Tarot cards like the popular Tarot-using culture sees them ever again. I will also never again see Christianity in the same way that the popular Christian culture sees Christianity. I will always have memories of Miss Cleo vs. Billy Graham, but after reading Signs & Wonders, the battle between those worldviews became less appealing and not worth engaging in. This book is threatening to the dogma of both mainstream Christianity and mainstream Occultism, but it is clear that the author really tried to write it in a way that calmly invites people to stop attacking each other and start researching and rethinking and re-examining both Christianity and the Tarot and how they could ever possibly be related. It is almost like a compilation of a scientist’s lab notes that were made while observing the connections between the symbolism of the Tarot’s Major Arcana and the Bible. There are some concepts and symbols in the cards which are not covered in depth, but the book inspired me to discover and find greater meaning in those concepts on my own.”Signs & Wonders: Tarot Cards for Christians” is an edited version of the original web version called “The Truth About Tarot Cards” from The Church of Yahweh website. Some additions and rearrangements were made during the transition from the web to book form, but the text concerning each card remains largely intact. There is, however, one addition to the original that was made during the editing process which blurs the line between Infinite Truth and “An Inconvenient Truth,” but it is only one tiny sentence and not too distracting from the bigger picture. I also caught some innocent typos but none that made it difficult to infer the meaning from the context.As a whole, the book successfully links the spiritual terrains of the Tarot and the Bible and presents a comprehensive map for future researchers to continue to explore and add detail to. The concepts presented in this book, and a few others, initiated my “spiritual life.” You won’t see me giving away Signs & Wonders at a yard sale. It’s just not in the cards.

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