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Secrets of the Spanish Playing Cards: Fortune Telling Using La Baraja Española

Learn how to read the traditional Spanish playing cards, la Baraja Española, to understand your past and present, and reveal your future.

The Spanish playing cards have been used for divination and fortune telling for centuries and now you can easily access their wisdom.

This book will teach you the meanings of all the cards and enable you to begin doing in-depth readings right away.

Learn about various spreads and card combinations. Meanings are provided for all 48 cards, plus the Joker.

The Spanish playing cards can be used to discover concrete answers to everyday questions revolving around your daily life, such as work, romance, money and health. They can also be laid out in complex spreads that reveal deeper insights into your most spiritual and philosophical questions.

Now English-speakers can gain access to the wonderful wisdom of these beautiful Spanish cards.

Discover what la Baraja Española reveals about your life, love, work and health. Take the journey to understand your past, present and future.

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