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Rider-Waite Learning To Read The Tarot Intuitively

Your Readings will become powerful, informative and insightful once you learn how to read the Tarot intuitively.

Program instructs, illustrates and demonstrates step-by-step how to read the Tarot intuitively!

DVD includes

-All 78 cards illustrated and intuitively interpreted -In-depth on camera readings of 6 classic spreads, including the Celtic Cross. Spreads are read intuitively. -14 additional spreads are illustrated and card positions meanings given. Spread topics diverse from love, health, wealth and even one on pets.

Plus you will learn:
-What is an Intuitive Reading?
-What is a Mechanical reading?
-Guidelines on using and reading the Tarot.
-How to read the Tarot intuitively.
-How to use your psychic abilities.
-How to prepare for a reading.

Psychic since childhood, on camera instructor Morgan Ki’ilehua has been a professional reader and teacher of the Tarot for over 20 years. Morgan has authored several books on the Tarot and teaches metaphysics. She is also an Ordained Minister and a member of the Rosicrucian Order.

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3 comments on “Rider-Waite Learning To Read The Tarot Intuitively

  1. A Beginner’s Must Have! As a novice to the tarot, this video tape has helped me tremendously! Morgan guides you through each step, covering everything from how to care for your cards, to card positions and a variety of spreads. It’s like having a private teacher right by your side! I learned how to interpret the cards intuitively, instead of just mechanically reading the traditional card meanings. She gives you all of the tools you need to approach the tarot with confidence!

  2. CLEAR, CONCISE AND CREATIVE Morgan ‘s video is by far the best on the market. She demystifies the tarot by clearly and effectively consolidating all the information on tarot in a sensible format that is easy to apply. Her intuitive approach is genuine and fosters a non-mechanical approach to understanding and reading the tarot. Morgan is an effective communicator who is truly able to express and organize the esoteric knowledge in a clear , concise and creatiive manner.

  3. Video series is in the Light “In learning to Read the Tarot Intuitively”, Morgan Ki’ilehua teaches tarot in a loving and positive manner. Her teaching approach on this video is in the light, without fear or darkness that is sometimes associated with divintion tools.

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