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Parallel Universe And The Tarot

Currently many people want to know whether the parallel universe theory is just an imagination or is it a reality. Today it is a theory which has been introduced to us but the theory has been accepted well by many people or rather many communities and they believe in the existence of such a theory.

Scientists have come to this theory based on certain observations and assumptions. They work hard to prove their theory that can change the entire scenario of our universe. Science needs proof and valid reasons to establish the concepts and even if many scientists personally believe in this theory, they may not be able to jump to conclusions and declare this as a fact. Clear evidences are essential to make people believe this theory.

Past life regression therapists are people who also believe in this parallel universe theory in some aspects. According to them there are many parallel universes where we might have existed in one of our previous births. If we check the previous birth of some people by way of hypnotism then many of us can be in a position to describe the environment of the other universe which is desperately needed for research.

Psychic community also believes in the parallel universe but they do not need other people to prove it. Psychics like astrologers and tarot card readers have their own mind power through which they can understand many things which as a normal person we do not understand. They are sensitive people who with some of their tools and equipments understand the slightest change in the environment. They call it “Aura”.

Tarot cards are used by the people since the 15th century. They can predict and show a glimpse of many things that are expected in the future and the past if the person knows how to interpret them. Many tarot card readers support the parallel universe theory as they can see some other places where there is a life and environment similar to the one prevailing in this universe.

When we talk about life, it is not only human beings but also other lives like animal, insects, trees and many other things that are familiar to us. The life on the other universes may not be identical or may be identical. Scientists believe that since the environment is the same, even the life would be same although there is no concrete proof and all this stands just as an assumption.

Past life regression therapists also work hard to understand the difference between all the universes. They believe that when a person dies, the soul goes in search of a new body and that new body can be from different universe. Soul does not have any restriction and can easily travel to another universe and take another body.

In their new birth, they remember their past birth and all this information is stored in their subconscious mind. Through regression therapists they can experience their past birth which can be from the any of those universes. In fact we got more and more information about the parallel universe through past life regression.

Original Author: Jill Magso Full Bio
Jill Magso is a member of the Silva Team and contributes to spreading enlightened ideas and sharing teachings about meditation practices. The Silva Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.

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