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Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

First issued in 1910, this pack contains one of the widest used tarot decks in the world, along with a useful instructional book which explains the usage of the cards.

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One comment on “Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

  1. I read many, many reviews before I chose this deck. I was concerned about the quality of the graphics and the tint/coloring in the cards. However, I made my decision primarily on the claim that this particular deck did not have the publishing company’s name printed in small letters on the front/back of the cards (which in my opinion is distracting for readings and takes away from the esoteric quality of the tarot cards). The time I took to select this deck was worth it given that I fell in love and connected with the cards the first time I saw them. I purchased the deck from Coast Range Books and the service was exceptional (prompt shipping, careful packaging). This particular deck is the England, 1999 publishing edition. The graphics/symbols/pictorials on the cards are clear and easily identifiable. The coloring/tint is subtle, pleasing to the eyes and adds to or retains the old world charm/quality of the cards. I love them. The only complain I have is that I wish the cards stock was a little thicker. I own the “The World Spirit Tarot” (by the way excellent deck also) and the card stock on this deck is thick and sturdy. Nonetheless, the stock on the England, 1999 Rider-Waite is not bad at all and should not be a reason not to buy the deck (in my opinion). The cards are also smooth and shuffle nicely. Lastly, I have been researching and learning about the tarot for some time now and even though I still consider myself a beginner and own several tarot decks, I came to the conclusion that for the serious tarot reader a general understanding about Crowley’s Thoth deck and Rider-Waite’s deck is a must. It seems to me that the other decks I own are defined by the author’s personal philosophy and their interpretations of either of these two decks.

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