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NEW Lessons in Tarot DVD (DVDs)

Meet Gigi, a professional Tarot Reader. Gigi is going to take you on a fun journey through the basics of Tarot, using the standard Tarot configuration of the Major Arcana and Four Suits. We go over every single card and the potential and likely representations of the card. We also cover timing and other aspects of a reading. Gigi also stresses the importance of using cards as a vehicle for intuition and developing your own abilities around the cards. This lesson will work with any Tarot deck.

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One comment on “NEW Lessons in Tarot DVD (DVDs)

  1. There are cards in this non-standard deck that I’ve not heard of before, like the pope (perhaps that’s the hierophant?) in a regular deck. That’s very disappointing – I expected a standard deck to be used. The deck she uses has different symbology, different colors, different words.Also, I thought this was about going through each card, but “Gigi” is doing readings and then explaining the card in a person’s reading. I can have someone do readings for my issues; I don’t need to learn vicariously through someone else’s life and problems. I’m not exactly sure why these readings are included in the video. Perhaps that should have been edited out? Perhaps this is to establish credibility by example? I just think it makes the video unnecessarily longer than it needs to be. Very disappointing and at times confusing. I’m glad I didn’t buy this since Amazon doesn’t return Instant VIdeos. If the description was accurate – “you will learn by Gigi doing readings on someone else and then she will teach a novice each card’s meaning and do an additional reading” – then maybe I would have given this a chance and been more open to the idea of this more haphazard method of teaching and learning. The novice and Gigi has their decks on the table, and at times the table gets too busy from too many cards and you can’t see them clearly. Perhaps only one person should have had a deck. I don’t hate the video as there is some things you can learn. However, I feel deceived, duped, and like this is the old bait and switcheroo because the description wasn’t precise as it could have been.Clearly, the main issue for me is that the description isn’t accurate. Change the description, and most likely this would be a great video. Gigi is teaching the novice person specifically, and it just doesn’t seem sincere. It’s like the audience is a voyeur looking on someone else’s lesson. I would have preferred Gigi teaching “US,” taking out the middle man so to speak.Also, she attempts to teach the Celtic Cross, but among many books, real life lessons and readings, I’ve never seen the Celtic Cross as she presents it. Quite confusing indeed.What I did like is that she follows spirit and have you check in to your own inner guidance.

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