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Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck and Guidebook Set

78-card Tarot Deck with full color 128-page guidebook in boxed set. Direct access to the Goddess through her many faces. An easy-to-use tarot deck that bringsjoyful transformation for both beginners and long-time experts! See what the experts have to say: The Mythical Goddess Tarot gives us the ancient future universal myths and stories of the deep feminine principle with new inspiration and hope that guide us towards a life of peace and love. Brilliantly painted, these compelling Cards activate the wisdom of the ages embodied in our human unconscious. Now is the time for allowing these pulsing archetypal symbols to make magic, the bloodstream of the universe. James Wanless, Voyager Tarot .. Mythical Goddess Tarot is as much a work of art as it is a truly useful spiritual tool. Art lovers and tarot enthusiasts will find this tarot a magical surprise. Sage Holloway and Katherine Skaggs have created a tool that will connect you to the Divine Feminine without and the Sacred Feminine within.

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  • Used Book in Good Condition

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2 comments on “Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck and Guidebook Set

  1. These Cards Are Different…. (5 Stars!) These cards are different than your traditional tarot deck in the sense that the captions found at the bottom of each card read like an oracle deck. Therefore this deck is great for someone who is new to tarot as the captions freezes the essence within the meaning of that card.There’s 78 cards in this deck. Instead of your typical Wands, Pentacles, Cups, and Swords you have Fire, Earth, Seas, Wind, and Ether (Ether!?!?) as themes. This renaming can help aid in your understanding of the traditional Tarot. The cards also have zodiac signs and planets on many or all of the cards. I am not sure how to incorporate the planets, but I’ve found that the zodiac signs work well especially if you inquire about the personality of an individual.When I first opened this deck there was a wonderful smell of fabrication which emulated a desert rain (the smell or creosote). For me that is so refreshing as a southwestern native.When I took the cards out of the box I went through each and every card. The first card showed a colorful goddess with breasts. Then the next card you see breasts. Well, you’ll see breasts a lot with this deck and some emphasis on genitalia. This might not be the most appealing deck for those who are not comfortable with their sexuality or female anatomy. However, after shuffling through the cards I found that cards to be pretty with nice color choices. The back of the deck has to be my most favorite of decks as the back is a kaleidescope of patterns resembling that of an open fruit (more like guacamole) bearing the sweetness of its seed (hearts, triangles, etc.). Because of this deck’s backing, I find it easier to meditate on a question.The cards read differently than what I get from the LWB. The LWB has 124 pages of colored card captions and a detail for each card with some instructions about the theme of each suite and the number meanings. I personally find it a highly accurate deck when used with traditional Tarot meanings instead of what is in the book. The meanings in the book tend to bleed into one another, a sense of positivity.I find this deck really excellent in doing personal readings and I’ve gotten some of the best accuracy from them. Like I said earlier, it is great in diving deep into the personalities of people you may be inquiring about.I also like this deck because if you have an astrology background you can apply this to the cards. For example 10 of Wands is entitled “Illusions” and the astrological sign is Gemini, known for handling too many things at one time, not being able to complete one task fully. These cards often offer messages of confirmation within the same reading by using the captions for each card and the traditional meanings. Also, you can look at the card and meditate on whatever pops at out you and this can also become the true meaning of the card during that specific reading.The deck shuffles beautifully. I like this deck, I wish the pictures were simply drop dead gorgeous, but they are still alluring in a different way.UPDATE (From 4 to 5 Stars):The more I play with these cards the more I learn. At first I wasn’t 100% impressed with the messages I found in the LWB. Not to say the book does not add value, it seems the messages of the book steps into the world of oracle decks (positive messages even if the traditional Tarot meaning for the card is negative). At first I was not appreciative of this, but I find this to be such a positive attribute of the deck. So you have a Tarot and an Oracle deck in one.I’ve now learned how to use the planets in combination with the Zodiac Signs with these cards. Sometimes when we do a reading for someone else we may get the appropriate cards conveying the message of the emotional circumstances the person might be in- but not all of the time! But with the planets/zodiac signs the reader is able to feel the emotion of the querent, or in helping with a situation it may inform the querent how they should behave in solving a problem.Therefore I use the cards in such manner: The Caption- tells you what needs to be done; The Zodiac Sign- Expresses the general emotional theme; The Planet- explains what is going on and combining it with the Zodiac sign informs you of how the querent should behave or how the querent may be feeling. If the card is in reverse (though they are strongly against reading the cards in reversed), it simply is an indicator that the querent hasn’t been on their best behavior in the ways as described by the zodiac sign and planet.For example I got the Courage Card (7 of Fire). It shows Leo= pride and Mars= sensitivity and strength of the will. Mars in Leo often means courageous, compassionate, enthusiastic, proud, needing praise for one’s effort. This card is telling me to kill the other with kindness and to be strong of will, which reflects the…

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