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myTAROT (Terra LunaWolf’s Divine Arts Series Book 1)

Internationally read author, Terra LunaWolf has been studying and practicing the Occult Sciences since 1990, and began Reading Tarot Cards over two decades ago. As a believer in the relevance of all religions, she offers a unique perspective on the topics of Divination and Magick. She does not view these subjects as anti-God nor anti-Christianity, but rather as tools provided by the Divine for use in strengthening our spiritual connection to God(dess) and gaining enlightenment. It is her desire to make the Occult understandable to the average individual, and provide easy methods for implementing Divination and Magick into daily life.

The first book in Terra LunaWolf’s Divine Arts Series, myTAROT, takes us through the meanings of the individual cards, providing useful tips for learning and interpreting the Tarot. Compatible with any standard deck; myTAROT defines each of the 78 cards, and explains the use of six different card Layouts for interpretation. Along with example Readings, you will find worksheets for archiving your own Readings, as well as a template which can be used for creating your own personal deck. Includes additional methods for utilizing the Tarot in Magick for personal benefit.

The information provided in this book is intended to be studied with a “make it mine” attitude. Lady Terra LunaWolf has de-mystified Divination in order to make it accessible to all. Anyone can master the Divine Arts!

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