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Muzoracle: The Tarot of Music

The Muzoracle is a system of divination based on music utilizing cards and 12-sided dice. The 89-card deck is based on musical harmonies and concepts, and represent states of being and forces at work; the twelve-sided dice, which are rolled alternately as the cards are drawn, indicate notes in a musical scale and represent points in time. As each Muzoracle casting creates its own unique meaning, it also generates a unique set of musical variables; these variables can be interpreted on a musical instrument, or heard back online via a simple drag and drop interface.

Among divinatory tools, the Muzoracle is unique in that it does not purport to predict the future nor provide direct answers; its focus instead is toward finding more articulate and sincere questions, and to finding a deep and quiet place within from which to explore. The music the cards and dice inspire, even when dissonant, often provokes insights and has a healing effect.

The Muzoracle was created by composer and recording artist J S Kingfisher. It is extensively supported online at the Muzoracle website, which contains sound samples of the cards and musical examples of the system’s underlying structure.

Product Features

  • 89-card deck, 13 twelve-sided dice
  • Comprehensive User’s Guide, Instructional DVD, 2 monogrammed velvet storage pouches
  • Interpret castings on a musical instrument or have the online “Casting Engine” do it for you
  • Simple to begin, endless to explore

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One comment on “Muzoracle: The Tarot of Music

  1. This is a unique approach to self- development, using musical forms and definitions for each note or scale selected.The DVD shows an example of a one card reading, and a more detailed reading, using the black die, white dice and cards. You use intuition and introspection to find ways to apply the reading to your question.This will take some practice and experience, but looks promising.In addition, you can play your reading on an instrument, or on the casting engine that’s free to download from the website.

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