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Magic Mind Reader

Product Features

  • Fun for all ages
  • Great for parties
  • Easy to play

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3 comments on “Magic Mind Reader

  1. ok for 5-10 This app guessed my card every time except when i challenged it.I picked a card then picked another then picked another all being different card fives. The the out come was six. so i thought about it hmmmm. yes a simple math. The test i did made it really clear 6 of diomands was the outcome. Look at the cards. When the computer shuffles it remembers the line up of cards knowing one of those is it.all three times you choose the deck the numbers spread out and in that last deck you choose the number you have chosen is the only one in there making it so easy to know that six was in the first deck six was in the second deck and six was in the third. So to shorten that preety much means six was the only card in the first deck that was in the last….. Listen this was my way of knowing it was not real so maybe it will not work for you but it did for me. There can be a number of methods and if my way does not make since it did to me.

  2. NOT REAL I bought this game expecting to get my mine read. At first I thoht it was real becase it kept guessing my number right. I was amazed. However I showed some other people and we found out it was based on math! This “trick” will probly only work on kids 10 and younger. To me it was a rip-off. But if you dont get the trick first off it is fun at firist. Over all I would not wadt your time on this so called “mind reader” app there are most likely MUCH better ones!

  3. oh woowww…. What is this supposed to be? This is just like asking the question directly. Do not get this. It is not even magic.

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