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Love’s Unending Legacy

In the latest Love series installment, two years have passed since the tragic death of Missie’s husband Willie. Missie is forced to move back to her father’s ranch in Tettsford Junction and ends up adopting a teenage orphan girl who tests her faith and strength. Missie is compelled to defend the girl’s orphan brother who is being mistreated by his adoptive family all the while fighting her own feelings of love for the town sheriff.Cynics beware! From the first sweeping chords of the soundtrack, it’s clear that Love’s Unending Legacy will continue Janette Oke’s heartfelt tales of love, pluck, and Christian faith in the days of pioneers. Missy LaHaye (Erin Cottrell, repeating the role from Love’s Long Journey and Love’s Abiding Joy) comes back to her father and stepmother after the death of her husband, only to find herself adopting a teenage girl named Elinda and sparring verbally with the town’s handsome young sheriff. Missy can’t understand Elinda’s rebellious ways until she discovers why the girl has been smuggling food to a boy at a nearby farm. Fans of the Love series (which began with Love Comes Softly) will be untroubled by the movie’s modern notions of childhood (to say nothing of some very modern necklines) and the supernatural cleanliness of this frontier town; period realism matters less than a sincere portrayal of Christian values. (Some viewers, however, may feel that the movie’s earnestness curdles into mawkishness.) Also featuring staunch Dale Midkiff, who’s played Missy’s staunch father Clark Davis in all five of the Love movies to date. –Bret Fetzer

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2 comments on “Love’s Unending Legacy

  1. A bit of a disappointment I have watched all of the movies since the very first one, Love Comes Softly, and fell in love with the series so much so that I bought the books to read and couldn’t wait for this movie. I was very disappointed with this particular installment. This was so far away from the book that I didn’t recognize it when I watched it. Other than the observations already noted (Belinda as Missie’s daughter not sister, etc.), it also seems to have lost her brothers and their adopted son, Jeff. If there was only about 4 years difference between this movie and the last one, then her brothers would not have been old enough to be out on their own, yet there was no mention that they even exist. However, I am glad that they are able to keep Dale Midkiff as Clark, but think they could find a better substitute for Katherine Heigl as Marty. To kill off Willie just to give Missy a new love interest was a travesty. I gave it two stars and hope if they make the last books, they follow the books as best they can (outside of resurrecting Willie via a dream sequence).

  2. Disappointed at the changes I have to chime in on the other reviews about killing off Willie. He was the character that I kept looking forward to seeing in the movies and by killing him off ruined the movie. He is an excellent actor and gave me the connection I needed form the second movie. I loved the fact that he and Dale were still in it. The purpose of series are for us to be able to follow the movies and this was a disappointment. I agree with one of the reviews that said can you have him and the orginal Missy come back because someone was dreaming or had amnesia or something. Erin was not a good choice to be substitued for the orginal adult Missy. There are few choices for Family movies out there and I was hoping this one would continue as a series. We as readers and movie goers tend to get attached to the actors that play the characters. We do realize sometimes there is a time restraint but I know if you made them an offer they can’t refuse they would do the series. That is up to you to make it so they will not turn the part down. Thanks.

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