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Let’s Tarot

Product Features

  • 78 Rider Waite Tarot cards include both Major Arcana and Minor Arcana tarot readings (both upright and reversed cards)
  • Single Card Spread, The Past, Present and Future Spread, The Four Elements Spread
  • The Love Spread, The Decision Making Spread, The Star Spread, The Next Seven Days Spread
  • Year Spread, Yes or No Spread, The Celtic Cross, The Four Weeks Spread
  • Any luck today
  • Tarot Gallery
  • Tarot bookmark
  • Curves of life
  • And more

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3 comments on “Let’s Tarot

  1. way fun Im amazed at how many card layouts and options there is. You can play for hours. Little easier than dictating your own cards. Dont know how spot on they are but seem pretty good. You determine your future anyway but a little guidence is always fun. Worth getting if your into it. You can use the layouts to learn how to use ure own tarot cards at home.

  2. App is very accurate I don’t ‘have to pull out the deck because this is really accurate!!!! I have been around Tarot since a child and I must say I am impressed! Try it and see!

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