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Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Step into a lost world from long ago . . . A world veiled in darkness after a cataclysmic collision that stilled the earth. Millennia have passed and only humankind has survived—through the divine gift of dreams. Exquisitely rich and magical, this new Rider-Waite-Smith-based tarot deck by digital artist Ciro Marchetti takes you into the heart of fantasy. You can use this legacy from ages past to discover what you need for your own life as it guides you toward hope, wisdom, and inspiration.

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2 comments on “Legacy of the Divine Tarot

  1. 76 of 79 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The best yet!, August 7, 2009
    souljourney (Kansas) –

    This review is from: Legacy of the Divine Tarot (Cards)

    This is the third tarot deck that Ciro has created, and it’s his best yet! I have his other two decks, The Gilded Tarot and Tarot of Dreams, and this is the most detailed if that’s possible.
    It seems that his decks have mirrored his mastery of the subject of Tarot in general. The Gilded is a good base foundation, with the Tarot of Dreams being more in depth. It also gave him and us a new way to experience Tarot, with the interactive DVD. This deck however has really gone even deeper. There is soon to be a website for this deck and each card with be animated! He has even created an entire world for his deck and it’s characters to exist in.
    There is a story of that world in the 300+ page book that accompanies the deck. The book is a wonderful resource, even if you don’t normally like to read the “book meanings” there is wonderful insight as Ciro explains why he chose certain images or themes. I’m so thankful for the explanation he provides as to why the Knights are represented by their helmets, versus an actual knights. Brilliant! The book includes comments/interpretations by 3 other tarot experts. I really like the format used and would like something similar with other decks.
    The card stock is the usual Llewellyn size and thickness which is always just fine. The deck has borders, but it’s a “fade to black” effect which I quite like. It also come with the usual black bag. This deck is deserving of much more ornate storage however.
    If you even remotely like Ciro’s other decks this one is a MUST HAVE. I would have given the deck/book kit more than 5 stars if I could have.

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  2. 41 of 42 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Stunning Tarot Deck/Box Set, August 26, 2009
    Janet Boyer “Snowland Deck Creatrix” (JanetBoyer(dot)com) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Legacy of the Divine Tarot (Cards)

    “The Blind Ones had told of its coming, that which would bring about our destruction. No one doubted their wisdom, and we neither feared nor questioned their reason. We understood that we were, ourselves, of the stars, and our existence in this form is but an instant in eternity. We would cease to be part of the universe. But we lamented nonetheless.” – From the companion book to the Legacy of the Divine Tarot (Gateway to the Divine Tarot)

    Months ago, award-winning digital artist Ciro Marchetti came out with a self-published version of his third tarot deck, the Legacy of the Divine Tarot. Now, the mass-market edition from Llewellyn Worldwide has entered the world to much acclaim.

    Creator of the well-received Gilded Tarot (Llewellyn) and the Tarot of Dreams (self-published), award-winning digital artist Ciro Marchetti unveils his latest and, supposedly his last, Tarot deck: the Legacy of the Divine Tarot.

    Arguably his most aesthetically pleasing and stylistically uniform deck to date, the Legacy of the Divine Tarot begins with a back-story crafted by Ciro in the form of a 42-page self-published book. Although Ciro tells me he’s “not a writer”, one thing I’m certain about after reading the intriguing fictional history of this deck is that he is, indeed, an engaging storyteller!

    There are so many neat touches within the card imagery that it’s difficult to just pick a few to talk about–but here are some of my favorites from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot:

    * The Empress – A pregnant young woman is surrounded by vibrant tokens of fertility, proliferation, ripeness and protectiveness–eggs in a nest, luscious fruits, scattering dandelion seeds, luxuriant vegetation, a rabbit, a whale and its baby, and so on.

    * Faith (Traditionally named The Hierophant) – Like the Tarot of Dreams, this card is not only renamed, but its imagery reflects four different religious traditions

    * 10 of Cups – A sleeping dog and cat lie together before a cozy fireplace, ten glass goblets upon the mantle and side shelves

    * 3 of Swords – This image shows a close-up of a girl in braids, a tear streaming down her cheek that’s adorned with a heart tattoo (it reminds me of the Rohrig Tarot’s stunning version of this card)

    * The Knights, rather than riding a horse or other beast, are represented by elaborate helmets among representations of the four elements

    * 8 of Swords – The woman is not only swathed in loose cloth bindings, but she’s suspended in a gossamer web (oh the webs we weave?)

    * 6 of Cups – A girl lays in the flower dappled field, daydreaming of a time when she was flying a kite with another child (shown in silhouette)

    Astrological correspondences are artfully positioned within the cards (e.g. the symbols Sun in Capricorn for the 4 of Coins, Mars and Pisces for the 10 of Cups, etc.), but admittedly, there are some I simply cannot find! I’m not sure if this is because Ciro left some imagery without the astrological symbols or that he’s hidden them so cleverly that I just can’t decipher them even after close scrutiny.

    The reversible card backing features an intricate mechanistic device, with both front and back borders framed in black, fading into the central image (a beautiful effect resembling looking through time’s window). The cards from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot measures approximately 4 ¾ x 2 ¾ inches.

    I’ve been using this deck for several months now, and I’m so impressed with its imaginative artwork, lavish hues, approachable imagery, and unexpected details. For example, I once did a reading for myself and The Magician and The Chariot were among the cards.

    They came up before, so it’s not as if I was unfamiliar with the imagery. But during that particular insightful and reassuring reading, a contemplative stillness descended upon me. I felt to “come closer” to the cards–to gaze at them with new eyes.

    Upon closer inspection, I realized that The Magician had not five fingers, but six! I then noticed that one of the chains on the white horse of The Chariot had snapped and was flying loose. These unfolding details added intuitive information to the reading, not to mention that I was delighted to discover previously overlooked touches!

    In addition to Ciro’s creation story and his own take on each of the cards, the 295-page companion book also includes additional card insights from Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone, James Ricklef, and Leisa ReFalo. Reading the different takes on Ciro’s imagery is refreshing, providing loads of spiritual, practical and esoteric reflections to chew on.

    The companion book to the Legacy of the Divine Tarot also includes several spreads and three correspondence charts: numerological, planetary and zodiacal. There is also a 14-page article on How to Read Tarot by Leisa ReFalo at the end of the book…

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