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Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners

Learning the Tarot is a complete course on how to use the tarot cards for personal guidance. The 19 lessons in the course cover the basics and then move gradually into more advanced concepts. Exercises and sample responses for each lesson help you learn and practice. For simplicity, only one easy layout is used throughout the course – the Celtic Cross Spread. Learning the Tarot focuses in detail on the actual process of discovering meaning in the cards. Lessons cover topics such as how to consider one card by itself, how to look for card pairs, and how to create the “story” of a reading. A convenient reference section contains two pages of information for each card including a picture from the popular Waite deck, a description, keywords, action phrases and suggestions for cards with similar and opposite meanings.

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3 comments on “Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners

  1. FINALLY! I have been Tarot’ing for many years. I spent ridiculus amounts of money on tarot how to’s and general tarot books and ended up giving most of them away for lack of basic but comprehensive information one can really use, something down to earth and realistic that really spoke to me and could help me bond with my cards and most importantly, understand them and their meanings. A book that could be used as a springboard alongside what I already intuitively knew, something that would help guide you and not leave you feeling overwhelmed with learning all the minor and major arcana in the deck set with so much fluffy stuff or on the flip side, heavy unimportant ramblings. Finally, I found this wonderful book. Its brillant, its simple, its warm and user friendly. Illustrations with Universal Rider Waite make it the first book you should pick up if you have this deck or are thinking about buying it. Sections are divided up into Lessons, Principles of Interpretation, Exercises, Suggestions for exercises, card descriptions and follows to the end with minor arcana, Celtic Cross Spread and informative appendices. I love the format and the fact that this book is big on comprehension, small on extra tarot chit chat book filler. The exercises alone are stellar, unique to ponder and work at. all in all, a tarot-tastic book! A must have for the beginner, a must have for your tarot book collections! An asset in assisting your tarot travels.

  2. Thorough and perceptive guide for beg-intermediate readers This is an excellent, all-purpose introduction to the tarot. The material is presented in lesson form, complete with exercises (optional) and suggested “answers.” These give an overview of the tarot and many suggestions for approaching the cards for divination and personal growth. The book, however, would be most suitable for people working with traditional or Waite-derived decks, and less so for esoteric decks like the Crowley Thoth Tarot.

  3. Direct and user-friendly… I have just finished going through the “lesson” portion of this book, and found it to be one of the more direct and accessible of the tarot books I have used. In general, the author skips new-age jargon and would-be-psychobabble to get to the point. I particularly like her emphasis on the process of card interpretation; she suggests a way (without claiming it is “the only way”) that makes for logical and easily-remembered connections between the cards. My only caveat was that the book’s pages and/or binding began to come apart with very little use. Still, the content and her thoughtful interpretive methods were above-par.

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