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Learn to Read the Tarot – Suit of Wands Workbook

This Workbook builds on the skills acquired in The Major Arcana Workbook and enables readers to learn the meanings and significances of each card in the Suit of Wands quickly and easily.

This colourful and user-friendly workbook will help you understand the images upon each card in the popular Rider Waite deck with ease. A range of fun and easy tasks allows the reader to engage with the meaning of each card, and retain this information through proven memory aiding techniques, such as image association and recap quizzes. Tasks also include card blending and experiencing a range of Tarot reading spreads.
Within just one week, and having only spent a short time each day completing a range of short and simple tasks, you will become proficient in reading the Suit of Cup; allowing you to give detailed readings regarding love and relationships when used with the Major Arcana.

The author of this book has over thirty years of experience in reading the cards, is a published fiction author and an experienced teacher; the culmination of which is a well written, good quality and knowledgeable product that allows you to quickly develop your skills and independence in this highly skilled art.

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