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“In Your Hands” Your Personal Relationship Guide – 7 Decks of Cards Per Box – Are You Ready to Take Your Relationships to a New Level?

We are surrounded by relationships everywhere, every relationship whether professional or
intimate forces us into a confrontation with emotions.

In your hands is a practical, user friendly working guide to dealing with your emotions. It is a one-of-a-kind guide, deep by simple and easy to work with. It’s almost like having your own psychologist friend to help you with your relationships. By using special cards with their own charm and pleasure, insights and answers to solve relationship dilemmas will be revealed to you.

This book and the cards it accompanies are accessible to everyone for helping oneself without depending on a mediator. The book and cards form a working tool at hand for raising self-awareness. When a person chooses a card “by chance”, it isn’t exactly coincidence. All of the cards in this deck will lead us to contemplation that touches upon all spheres of life of each and every one of us. Choosing a card “by chance” directs us to a unique understand which is often concealed from us.

Rachel Hodadov, author of IN YOUR HANDS manual and developer of the HANDS cards, has been a practitioner in her own complementary medicine clinic and a lecturer on the subject for over 25 years. During this time, she has studied the impact of the mind on the body and developed a mind-body method of diagnosis through all the various layers composing the human being.
Rachel Hodadov chose to focus on relationships of all types because they are intertwined with the life of each human being and impact all aspects of our lives on the conscious and unconscious level as parents, members of a couple, work colleagues as well as impacting on one’s physical and mental health. With the In Your hands guide and the Hands cards Rachel Hodadov applies her broad-ranging approach to self-awareness to the study of relationships, based on the belief that it is the power of each and every one of us to heal and improve one’s own life.

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