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In the Shadow of Two Gunmen – Part I [HD]

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3 comments on “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen – Part I [HD]

  1. Don’t get HD, buy the Standard Def THERE THE SAME Epic episode of the best show ever on TV. An Aaron Sorkin masterpiece. The final scene, scored with Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms, had me in awe.

  2. Lay your political beliefs aside for a while and just enjoy this wonderfully-written, chock-full-of-great-acting series.West Wing is a look into the (fictional) lives of the President, his family, and his closest advisors/staff as they navigate the Executive Branch’s many pitfalls. From wars to dinner parties, West Wing shows it all in a fascinating story.You’ll grow attached to these characters, from “Lemon” Limon to crazy CJ, and the rest of the team. You’ll feel proud of some of the choices they make, and stand disappointed alongside them when some things just don’t work out the way they intended.If you’ve never given West Wing a shot due to the recommendations of others, or simply because you feel it doesn’t fit with your particular political outlook, I humbly suggest you give it a watch simply to formulate your own opinion. I have the feeling more of you will be impressed than not.The second season of this show built upon the character development of the first, and was just as exciting and entertaining, if not more. Step back into the Oval Office with Jeb and his dedicated team, and enjoy!

  3. Don’t get the HD one, buy the standard definition one. There the exact same quality and this is on a very fast Cable Connection so its not lowered quality due to bandwidth issues. Very disappointed.

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