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In the Shadow of Two Gunmen – Part I

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3 comments on “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen – Part I

  1. A Sensational Sophomore Season I think that in many cases, the second season of a TV show is its best season. Why is TV so often completely opposite from sophomore efforts in music and movies? From my own observations it’s because in the second season of a TV show, the actors have gained a comfortable grasp on how to portray the deeper parts of their character. At the same time, the show still has the freshness of a new show, the same rich texture that won it a debut to begin with; the writers are still developing plots that don’t feel stale, so the show hasn’t lost that “new car smell”. Of course there are exceptions: shows that run out of steam soon after they start, and shows that just seem to keep getting better even after the second season.

  2. A Towering Achievement For four years, the West Wing was largely considered the best show on TV, and not without good reason. Although this could have turned into a liberal lovefest, the show managed to tap into and rediscover a pride and optimism in our government that our founding fathers must have felt. Far from being venal, corrupt parasites, the politicians of The West Wing were talented and generous people who truly care about the country and struggle to make the right decisions, which often literally are between life and death. It’s no wonder that this splendid little shade of fantasy continues to be popular, especially when we have becomed accustomed to expecting less and less from those who are running our country.

  3. Brilliant Series Dips Deeper The last season ENDED in a brutal cliffhanger with an attempt on the President or Zoe. The last scenes were the staff and bystanders diving for cover as gunmen shot from windows in a nearby building. This season opens trying to untangle the confusion of that night and opens a rich, second season of the best drama on television. We are also treated to some great pre-first season moments, when the staff was managing Bartlet’s presidential campaign. From my count there were 17 Emmy nominations this season – for writing, acting, and more – I’ve noted the episodes that were winners. My only complaint is that they’re making us wait so long for these sets, when people overseas have had them already for almost a year – come on, it’s OUR idealist leadership. But to quote the deputy press secretary, “let’s forget that you’re a little late to the party and just embrace the fact that you showed up”

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