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How to Read The Meaning of the Tarot Cards Like a Professional In 1 Week

This book explains how to read the meanings of the Tarot cards like a professional, inside of one week and indeed even less. It does this through a method that I developed that uses Color, Number and Symbol from the cards. If you use this method you will find yourself successfully reading the cards without ever having to look up the traditional meanings or interpretations from another book ever again. If you are a TAROT enthusiast, you will most likely still want to learn the traditional interpretations of the cards, which is advisable. My method will add a whole new dimension to your reading skills, intuitive abilities and confidence in reading yourself and others.

I have been reading and teaching the cards successfully for over 35 years using the simple method outlined in this book. I developed this method because of the frustration that I found from so many students who gave up trying to read the Tarot so shortly after spending their hard earned dollars on books, tapes, CD’s and courses without much success. I’ve described my method of interpreting the cards using Color, Numbers and Symbol at the beginning of the book to instill a sense of confidence in you before entering into the deeper aspects of the Tarot that follows in the rest of the book.

Furthermore, I’ve included the Mundane and Spiritual meanings of the Major Arcana as well as the Lesson, Misuse and Number meanings. This information is not to be found anywhere else. It is my own addition to the interpretation of the cards and enriches the results both for yourself and your clients. It also allows you to use the Major Arcana as a guideline for a spiritual path.

You will find a comprehensive description of the Minor Arcana which includes the upright and reversed meanings of the cards. I personally do not use the reverse meanings in my readings, but I include them here because many people feel there is value in them.

Finally, I have included many sample spreads and exercises in the back of this book so you can see how I use my method to pull together the messages being delivered in a spread.

I’m confident that you will find this little book a most useful and beneficial tool for learning how to read the meanings of the cards like a professional inside a week.


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