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High Priestess Tarot Necklace

This card is part of an Upper Arcana only tarot deck I’ve created entitled Chain of Life Tarot comprised of vintage photographic imagery altered and added to in Photoshop. I’ve been taking the art I’ve created for each card and turning them into pendant necklaces.

This is the High Priestess card, a card that suggests we use our intuitions to approach a problem.
I’ve protrayed the High Priestess with a vintage photographic imae of a beautiful woman dressed in a mystical looking dress and hat. In the original photo advertisement she had a saw set in her hand. The recently taken photo of a crystal ball and another vintage photo of an old table were added. The cat was taken from another vintage postcard. This is an original art piece.

The necklace and frame that this picture is in is of my design and manufactured for me. You cannot get it anywhere else and I do not sell them separately. It measures from the outside edges, 1 ΒΌ x 1 11/16 ” or 32mm x 40mm. It comes in antiqued silverplate. I designed a larger format frame that allows the art to be better seen. It does open up and a new picture can be slid into the frame. The chain necklace measures 18″ long.

As with all my creations, a NoMonet metal tag is attached. I consider all my designs works of art and as such they must be signed.

Product Features

  • High Priestess Tarot Card Necklace
  • 18″ chain included

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