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Golden Dawn Tarot Deck

Based on the notebooks and records of the Order of the Golden Dawn, these cards include references to symbolism of diverse origins.

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3 comments on “Golden Dawn Tarot Deck

  1. NOt accurate but still good This deck has too many errors to be regarded as a good copy of an original working GD tarot deck. Just check for yourself in Regardies tarot descriptions found in his volume “The Golden Dawn”. Having said that it’s still the closest one to a real GD deck that’s available on the public market and is quite workable.

  2. Sometimes Simpler is Better I have found the simple artwork of this deck to be excellent for meditation and visulization exercises. There are certainly flashier decks around. There are certainly decks around that are more beautiful. However, I find this deck to be a highly useful tool. When I first got the deck to use with Kraig’s _Modern Magic_, I admit that I didn’t like it very much. Over time, the deck has grown on me. Robert Wang’s book which explains the deck gives a clear introduction to the philosophy behind the deck.

  3. Pleasing to look at, and exactly correct Qabalistically – no “blinds.” Robert Wang’s Golden Dawn Tarot is considered by most Hermetic Qabalists to be among the absolutely most Qabalistically correct Tarots on the Market. The Cicero’s Golden Dawn deck is also considered symbolically accurate, but Tabitha Cicero’s unfortunately style of painting has been quite unpopular, thus preventing their deck from becoming as widely recognized as it might otherwise have been.Robert Wang’s GD Deck, however, is both pleasing asthetically and exactly correct Qabalistically. Keep in mind, please, that the traditional Rider-Waite deck is chock-full of “blinds,” deliberate “mistakes” that were included in the deck to prevent people from having too many keys to what was, at the time it was made, very private and secretive occult knowledge. Things such as the way character’s faces look toward, the positioning of certain symbols, etc., were all designed to keep people from the Qabalistic knowledge that is freely, and again, CORRECTLY, included in Wang’s Golden Dawn Tarot. It is by far THE deck to start with for anyone interested in the Hermetic, Western hemisphere’s mystery and mystical system.

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