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Golden Dawn Magical Tarot

From its inception 100 years ago, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn continues to be the authority on the initiatory and meditative teachings of the tarot. The Golden Dawn used certain cards in its initiation rituals. This visually stunning, sensual deck incorporates all of the temple symbolism needed for use in the Golden Dawn rituals.

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2 comments on “Golden Dawn Magical Tarot

  1. The most authentic golden dawn deck around Though I have some reservations regarding this deck’s art, this deck’s strength is in it’s adherence to the descriptions of the golden dawn inner order deck descriptions in Book T, the initiation rituals, and Hodos Chamelionis.Wang’s deck intentional lack in certain details in the minor arcana, e.g. the astrological signs and the court cards’ ‘jewelery’, and in it’s colours, diverges from the intructions given in Book T. Having seen a few Whare Ra pips, which lack the astrological signs, possibly this divergence has some basis in previous G.D. decks.—— Additional note, July 7th 2011 ——Some of the court cards in this deck face forward. The Opening of the Key requires all court cards to face, even slightly, either left or right.The court cards reproduced from Westcott’s papers in The Golden Dawn Court Cards (Golden Dawn Studies No 5) by Darcy Kuntz conform to that demand, e.g. the princess of cups faces slightly to the right as indicated by the contour of her face and only the left ear being visible. Those drawings are in agreements with those given in “Key to Tarot divination”, AFAIK written by Westcott as well (there are two notes signed S.A. – Sapere Aude was Westcott’s moto).I hope future editions of the deck would correct this issue.

  2. Great Reference Though the ideals and principles of this group are unique to put it nicely, I do like the tarot card parallels and definitions provided by them in their book. The book falls apart rather easily, so be careful not to snap the binding by opening it too far. The definitions are extremely simplified, so if you are looking for an in depth meaning to any of the cards, look elsewhere. However, I use astrology and tarot together and found this to be my handy dandy reference guide when my memory fails me on a card’s parallel. It’s rather small, can fit nicely into a purse or bag of goodies.

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