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Galaxy Tarot

Product Features

  • Draw single cards or complete spreads
  • Navigate between card associations
  • Save spreads and personal card notes
  • Browse the complete deck
  • Add daily card widget to your device

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2 comments on “Galaxy Tarot

  1. dead on! even with friends, don’t know how, but uncanny!!! We usually “pick our cards”, and they are totally right! you need to download this app!!!

  2. My interest was to get an app that could put in my phone all sort of knowledge about tarot. I can say with all confidence that this is it. Not only does this app allow you to layout the cards, but includes all sort of information such as correspondences to colors, runes and crystals.You start off by choosing between Draw a Card, Galaxy Profile, Card Spreads or Browse Cards. Draw a Card is just like it sounds. Galaxy Profile holds Your Card of the Day, Your Saved Spreads, App Themes and Other Settings. Card Spreads include Three Cards, Celtic Cross (10 cards) andy Relationships (7 cards). Browse Cards allows you to get information about such card. I was quite impressede with the correspondences with the runes. These are not a rehash from previous ones that I had read from books about runes, but one that I happen to agree and like the most.You have to install this one to see how it works for you, but I warn you, you may end up liking it. If so, be prepared to leave some rune for other apps from this publisher.

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