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Hello my name is Sheila and I have been working as a professional offering free tarot readings for a long time.  But before you get excited and rush to contact me please read on…

I have had a long hard look online at the various websites that offer readings to all and sundry. Many of them claim to be offering to work with no charge.  Yet when you look at their sites carefully you will see that they have no or little experience, have no qualifications (yes just as there are qualifications with a doctor, dentist, lawyer and many other professions there are for this, but they are not legally compulsory so many do not bother and hope that you are silly enough not to care).  The only reason they offer to do this work for you with no charge is because they cannot offer you qualifications or experience and they are desperate to get your attention, they have nothing of substance to offer. Once you have gone to them for the no cost service they will tell you what you want to hear and then ask you to go back for an expensive service such as a spell.

I will do work with no charge for people who I am very close to but  because I am very good at readings if I were daft enough to offer to work without a charge for all and sundry I would be swamped and not have a second to myself. Hence I charge clients. After all I have to pay for my site and pay myself wages, just as everyone else who works as a professional does.  But as I care about people and am not looking to take advantage I am cheaper than many who have no experience and no qualifications.

You can find my site and see how very reasonable it is with a whole host of free pages to read (learn to your heart’s content on this site with no charge at all) we also offer lessons and we advertise jobs for those who are expert at this and would like to work,  and a massive choice of services. You can also see that there are lots of testimonials you can check out so that you can have total confidence in us.

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Single mother, two kids, working as a professional psychic and tarot reader.

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