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Free Online Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading is defined as an ancient technique of predicting incidences that are likely to occur in the future life of an individual. With the advent of internet, several websites have made free online tarot card reading possible.

Some of these websites deal with free online tarot card reading in the following manner. The web pages mention several types of spreads followed by a button titled Shuffle and Read. The user of the website has to simply opt for the spread and click on this button.

Some commonly used spreads related to free online tarot card reading are as follows.

Dream Exploration Spread

The objective is to explore a frequently occurring or recently occurred dream.

The user should concentrate on his/her dream and click on the button.

Past Life Spread

The aim is to understand how the events in the past life are impacting the present life.

This spread has 2 uses

As a general overview

A more concentrated reading that focuses on a particular aspect of life.

Tree of Life Spread

This is a comprehensive way of having a consummate idea of the general path of the life of the user.

In order to utilize this spread, the user must focus on a question that he/she intends to place to the cards. Then, he/she should click the button.

Star Spread

The intent of this spread is to provide a precise answer for a specific query.

The user needs to concentrate on his/her question and click on the button.

Mandala Spread

This spread is related to the spiritual aspects of the user.

There are 2 ways in which this spread can be used.

There is no specific enquiry. However, the intention is to have an overall spiritual exploration.

The user can direct a specific query to the spread.

Birthday Spread

Let us consider that the user has planned some goals that he/she desires to accomplish prior to the next birthday. This spread would help the user to plan a course to fulfill these aims.

While using this spread, the user should speculate what he/she would desire to complete until the next birthday and click on the button.

Planetary Spread

This spread provides an insight regarding several varying aspects of the present state of the users life.

The method of using this spread is identical to those described above. The user must focus on a question that he/she desires answered and click on the button.

Relationship Spread

This spread is dedicated to the relationship between the user and another person.

The spread explores the views and requirements of both individuals while exploring the relationship.

The user must think of his/her relationship with a particular individual and click on the button.

Astrological Spread

This spread has the following characteristics.

The user need not ask any question while utilizing this spread.

Every card is read as an entity.

Each card is a representative of an astrological house.

The interpretation of each card is done considering the strengths and weaknesses of the corresponding house.

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