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Brothers Foolish Waise (comedian Eddie Griffin) and Fifty Dollah (rapper Master P, who scripted the film), both dreaming of a show biz career, team to put on a stand-up show that will make them stars and also solve their family’s money problems in this hip and edgy urban comedy. With Traci Bingham, Marla Gibbs, Andrew Dice Clay. 84 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1; audio commentary; production notes; deleted scenes; biographies; theatrical trailer.

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3 comments on “Foolish

  1. Foolish Is A Terrific Standup Showcase Other reviewers have given this movie a hard time, but it is unwarranted. While it is true that the plot is a bit on the weak side, the whole purpose of the movie is to make you laugh. It succeeds admirably in this. Foolish is basically an Eddie Griffin comedy show intermingled with a movie. The movie itself is your standard fare. It was fun to see Marla Gibbs again and Master P made further strides, successfully I might add, to become a mainstream actor. The spot where Foolish really shines is the stand-up routines. Eddie Griffin is one of the best comics out there. It’s unfortunate that he hasn’t had more exposure. All of his material was fresh and funny. When he was onstage, I couldn’t stop laughing! Only once during the film was I disappointed. This was when Griffin gave a monologue that Chris Rock originated in Bigger and Blacker. Even though it was a bit plagerized, this single flaw doesn’t detract from the film, especially if you haven’t seen Bigger and Blacker. Overall, I feel that you will ultimately be satisfied by this film if you keep your expectations in line. This film is not the outstanding plot-driven comedy you may be searching for, but if you are looking for some hilarious standup, Foolish will have you rolling!

  2. Eddie Griffin ROXXX This movie is funny as hell if you have an OUNCE of a sence of humor, u HAVE to see this movie however, in storywise… it’s not too great, but its still worth seeing whether its a rent or a purchase, you MUST see this movie (prefferably rent)

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