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Fantasy Flight Supply Tarot Board Game Sleeves

Taller than playing cards, tarot cards permit a pleasant balance between legible game text and graphic design, but finding sleeves for these beautiful cards has long proven difficult. Now Fantasy Flight Supply offers Tarot Card Sleeves. At 70 x 120 mm, the new Fantasy Flight Supply Tarot Card Sleeves are a perfect fit for cards from the hit games, Elder Sign and Infiltration, as well as other cards of similar size. Made from clear, 100 micron polypropylene plastic, these sleeves are both PVC and acid-free.

Product Features

  • A great, new option to protect tarot gaming cards from popular games
  • Durable 100 micron-thick polypropelene plastic provides top-quality protection
  • Snugly fits cards for hit games like Elder Sign and Infiltration, as well as others

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One comment on “Fantasy Flight Supply Tarot Board Game Sleeves

  1. Protection for larger collectible cards I recently found a game from my childhood, , that I immediately broke out and started to play with friends. I quickly realized that the cards would accumulate wear rapidly if I didn’t find a way to protect them. Fast.The cards are larger than the standard playing card, or collectible card game. They are more like tarot cards in size. This sleeve is perfectly sized at 70mm X 120mm (2.75″ X 4.72″) for this kind of card.It’s clear on both sides, so cards with elaborate backs, or printed on both sides are still useful, which means it’s perfect for a thirty year old game, that uses tarot sized cards. It does make fan shuffling difficult, but the easy glide of the sleeves means that you can jog-shuffle a short deck together relatively quickly.

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