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Fantastic World of D.C. Collins [VHS]

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One comment on “Fantastic World of D.C. Collins [VHS]

  1. I Finally Saw the Whole Thing Nine years ago, I was watching TV and basically just lousing around and what should come on but, “The Fantastic World of DC Collins” starring Gary Coleman. It caught my interest. It was about a kid who had a wild imagination (and like me had watched far too much television.) In the middle, I had to leave to go and get something (parents.) and so I missed a big chunk of the movie. I didn’t get the whole thing. Then, today I was at “Idaho Youth Ranch” looking for Christmas presents (And what’s wrong with that)when I spotted it. $1.50 packed full of 1980s Gary Coleman fun.A fleeing criminal leaves a disk in his bookbag at the park and he finds himself on the run from the bad guys in real life adventures. It starts out slow, but once you get past the bad acting by adult actors in the first few scenes, it is really a cool movie that teaches some great lessons about the importance of imagination, but also balancing life. Its a great film for both kids and adults. Also, for all you “Hunter” fans it features Fred Dryer (as a CIA Agent). Anyway, its an okay movie to pass the time away with very little objectionable content.

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