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Encore Software Hoyle Card Games 2012 AMR

The #1 selling card game for your PC and Mac just got better!

Product Features

  • Beautiful polished user interface with smarter navigation and menu
  • Larger easy-to-read cards brings the action closer
  • Smarter game logic keeps the stakes high

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2 comments on “Encore Software Hoyle Card Games 2012 AMR

  1. It contains exactly these games, and installs fine on Win7 The older versions did not work on my new laptop, so I had to buy the new one.Here’s my experience installing this today…*Installed fine on my Windows 7, i7, 64-bit laptop from HP.*The installer attempted to install what I consider to be a sypware type of browser toolbar and BHO to “help” me play online games, it had its own “privacy policy” etc, which to me is a big warning sign. But I just x-ed out of it. Since the game comes with 50 different solitaire games, I’m not in a hurry to play online solitaire anytime soon.*Poker is a disappointment. Only 5card draw is included, no stud poker, no wild cards, no texas hold ‘em. Odd because this is supposed to be the 2012 version, so at least Texas Hold Em and Stud should be there as alternatives.*You should know that Hoyle games have always and will probably always cheat. If you’re winning, then when you’re close to the end of the game, you’ll start losing. Very rarely you will actually win a game. They consider this “challenging” the players. But it’s just unimaginative programming. Still, it’s nothing to complain about particularly in this version because it was like that before and is still the same. Someday they might reprogram the AI, but don’t hold your breath. Take pleasure in getting Hoyle bucks and unlocking the locked options in the game. And when you win, enjoy it.*It’s a good way to relax and a good way to practice a new card playing strategy, just as long as you don’t expect the conditions to be “realistic” to a real game with real people. However, you can practice your strategies on the AIs in the beginning of games (when the game is still honest).*version.txt and readme.txt on the CD for Hoyle 2012 both refer to Hoyle 2008, so some files on the CD may be out of date, which puts some things into question like the validity of the warranty terms. However, it’s a cheap product, and I can’t imagine anyone making a big stink about getting their $20 back. I would stay away from online aspects though because they’re really really clear that they make no warranties about any of their “partners” or “online aspects” of their games.*They say that you can only get support for making the software work as designed on your computer, and don’t help you with the games themselves (makes sense), but then they pull a wierd one and say they only help you online at support dot encoreusa dot com They do mention phone support in the readme, but don’t give a number.*The register page says that failure to register does NOT void your warranty, so I opted not to register… I saw no reason to give them my info.The list of games included (from their help file:)BridgeThe classic bidding and trick-taking game. Includesrubber bridge and four-deal bridge.CanastaA four-player partner game of making melds andcanastas and fighting over the discard pile.Crazy EightsFollow the suit, or play an eight. Try the Very Crazyversion for a wild time.CribbageThe popular two-player game, complete with board andpegs and the Muggins option.EuchreAn aggressive trick-taking game where you try not toget “euchred.Gin RummyDrawing and discarding are what this game is all about.Can you “knock before the other player?Go FishA simple classic. Ask other players for cards, andremember what they ask for. Enjoy the fishing!HeartsA competitive game where the object is not to catchhearts or the dangerous Queen of Spades.Memory MatchTry to remember what’s under all the cards. Lots ofvariations for one or two players.Old MaidPair up all the animals in the farm, and don’t get caughtwith the pesky troll.PinochleAn intensive trick-taking game. Play one of four differentversions, including partnership and double-deck.PitchA quick and easy trick taking game; can you win High,Low, Jack, and Game?PokerFive Card Draw is the game here. Try to get as large abankroll as you can. Hoyle players are cagey bluffers.SkatA three-handed trick taking game popular in Germany,with a variety of contracts and sophisticated bidding.SolitaireFifty different variations, including single deck, doubledeck, and fast-paced arcade games.SpadesThe fun partnership game where you need to take thetricks you bid, and not too many more!TarotA trick-taking game popular in France, with varyingpartnerships and 21 special trump cards.WarThis childhood favorite requires luck and patience and afondness for tanks. [another trick taking game]I feel like I should stick up for Encore now that I’ve…

  2. Terrible I don’t know if anyone else has had the same problems of getting the games to work in Windows 7 but I certainly have. This one and the Puzzles & board games act like earlier versions I had that wouldn’t work in Windows 7. And they are deceptive about what games are on there. There’s only one choice instead of multiple choices you had on the earlier games. Since I had so many pop-up warnings and trying to get games to work I finally gave up. Maybe others will have better luck. But I can’t recommend these games.

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