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Dynamic Spreads Deck

The Dynamic Spreads Deck is like a recipe box filled with spread positions categorized by area of exploration. Riffle through the spread cards and choose a few to create a unique spread. Place a Tarot card under each spread position and start your reading. It’s that easy!

Inside, you’ll find a beautifully designed box of 105 spread cards organized by 6 tabbed dividers, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Each card has one, two or three spread positions identified on the card. There is also a 50 page instructional book and note pad. (Please note, a Tarot deck is not included).

Use Dynamic Spreads Deck with any Tarot deck to add depth, clarity and diversity to all of your Tarot readings. The Dynamic Spreads cards provide spread positions for major themes, time frames, and topics to explore. “Explore” cards cover topics including querent, things to consider, actions to take, and group interactions. There are also “fill in the blank” cards that accommodate variable aspects of the spread positions. With Dynamic Spreads, your Tarot readings will immediately be deeper, more diverse and more meaningful.

The Dynamic Spread Deck comes with 105 full-size cards, organized tabs into categories. There are also 19 optional half-sized cards – Time Period cards are used to establish the timing related to the spread, and two Choice cards are used to split positions into Choice A and Choice B when doing a reading for two different options.
The 50 page book, provides a quick-start guide and and inspiration on how to use this product.
Also included, are sticky notes, used to capture specifics for fill-in-the-blank positions, which helps to maintain the clarity.
The underside of the box lid, has a flexible loop which can hold a pen (not included), for your convenience.

Author: BK Reichle
Publication Date: May 2014
ISBN: 978-0-615-69732-1
Suggested Retail: $46.95

Product Features

  • Create your own Tarot Spreads
  • Guide Book and Cards
  • Box Set

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3 comments on “Dynamic Spreads Deck

  1. A valuable addition to the world of tarot To start with, this is not a tarot deck. Instead it is a comprehensive card system that can enhance any reading utilising any deck, whether it be tarot, oracle or Lenormand.BK Reichle has created a deck of spread cards, which will be of great benefit to those who assign spread positions to the cards used in a reading. How often have you as a reader been presented with a question, which you have then broken down into sub-sections in order to look at the issue in a comprehensive or holistic way? I have done this many times, and have usually resorted to scribbling down suggestions on a piece of paper. Then, when conducting the reading I have to refer back to remind myself what aspect a given card is referring to. For years, I was doing this, wondering if there was any easier way to break down a question. After all, there are thousands of tarot decks available, yet there has to date only been one that looks at the way we would actually conduct the reading. Only one had looked at how we could utilise spread positions, so there was very much a gap in the market, and a very definite need for such a system/deck.With this deck, BK has taken away the need for head scratching, followed by illegible scribbles. The Dynamic Spreads Deck allows a reader to construct a reading in a way that is clear, concise and above all – offers a considerably improved professional image. With the onset of digital technology, it is possible for the person receiving the reading to take a photograph of the cards used, but now they can also have a context for the reading they received. The Dynamic Spreads Deck consists of 105 full sized cards, and 19 smaller cards, and is separated out into the relevant sections of:ThemeExplore MeExplore ActionsExplore ConsiderationsExplore InteractionsConclusionsTiming (The smaller sized cards).Some of the cards have just one aspect highlighted, ideal for a single card. Others have two aspects – usually offering the opportunity to compare or contrast an issue, thus suggesting the use of 2 cards for contemplation. This particular aspect is one I welcome, as I often utilise this approach in my readings. Looking at alternatives, or the flip side of an issue really can make for an insightful reading. There is also one card which gives the opportunity for using three cards, with the standard Past/Present/Future reading being possible.I have not actually added up all the possible permutations, but trust me – this deck is comprehensive.So, now would be a good time to look at the set in detail.PACKAGING.There are three main components to the set. Firstly, we have the very robust outer box which houses the book and index-card box. This is large, with an empty space once the initial temporary packaging (used to protect the product during the shipping process) is removed. I will explain how I use this later.BOOKThe book is the same size as the outer box, and is 50 pages in length. Each card has a brief explanation, and BK then finishes with plenty of examples of how the deck can be used, including some sample readings. I like that it is quite large. Everything is well spaced and not at all cramped, making it easier to read. BK is very good at using 50 words when only 50 are needed. Therefore you don’t feel bogged down in detail. The text is written in a dark green. For those of us who are long sighted, this makes it a little harder to read, but I have to resort to reading glasses anyway (getting middle aged can be a kick in the rear at times) so no real issue.The cards themselves are housed in a flip-top index box. Again, a very robust box. The lid has a small elastic hoop to hold a pen. However, it is not really possible to house a full sized pen. The lid of the lid makes it near on impossible to manoeuvre one in place, but a small pen or pencil should be fine.THE CARDSA lot of people do like to know about the quality of cardstock. I would say they are robust and heavily laminated, so should stand up to a lot of handling, particularly if they are being placed and removed from the box regularly. The box although sturdy, is in my opinion a little large for the cards. I have to either tip it up to get the cards out, or fiddle around trying to grip the cards with my fingers. Not a big issue though – I have a piece of polystyrene I can place in the bottom of the box, which will raise the whole deck around 12mm. Just enough to make access a little less fiddly. The cards are separated out with titled dividers, similar to a recipe box. Dimensions for the larger cards are approx 127mm x 76mm. The smaller ones are approx 62mm x 75mm. The EXPLORE cards are all a dark green in colour, the THEME & CONCLUSION cards are a sort of blue and maroon colour respectively. I think if I were to make a change to this section, I would have had all the sections a different and unique colour, just so…

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