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Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads (Special Topics in Tarot Series)

Handle every topic with confidence and clarity as you learn to design readings that really answer the question asked. Why rely on the Celtic Cross or Past-Present-Future spread when you can develop layouts that reflect your personal style and your client’s concerns? This book covers all the fundamentals of spread design with examples and exercises. Now you can tailor your spreads to the questions your clients ask every day.

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2 comments on “Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads (Special Topics in Tarot Series)

  1. One of the best !!! I own about 50 tarot books, and this is one of the best. No repetition of information that most tarot books always do. She goes straight to the point of guiding you to make the most of a spread. She teaches the ideas that only experience and wisdom had proof to serve. She teaches how to make spreads that really shows the essence of a reading. She gave’s many ideas about making good layouts, spread design(form of the spread), multi purpose spreads,alternatives spreads, predictive spreads, psychological and interactive spreads,articulating feelings in a spread,spiritual and metaphysical spreads,finding lost objects and persons ,past life readings. The most I liked is the guide to make practical spreads: “Rather than telling the client what is likely to happen, use the majority of cards positions to give him a to-do list that he can take away.”This book i will keep for a long time by my side.Theresa Michelsen is indeed one of our best Tarot teachers that can guide you step by step in improving your reading style and accuracy…good readings rely mostly on a good layout…and she will guide in a very special way!!!This is a must to book if you want to be a good tarot reader. Aurora Diaz, Puerto Rico

  2. Incredibly useful I bought this book because I had reached a level in my tarot studies (I have been learning for a little over a year) where I felt I needed to go beyond the celtic cross, but was having little success using the other spreads I found in books. I tried a few times to design my own spreads but was only successful in creating one truely useful spread. In the week after receiving this book I created six spreads, four of which I deemed good enough to add to my book of shadows.The trick, the author explains, is to focus on the question first. I had been too busy trying to create a multi-purpose spread like the celtic cross to realize the power of this simple technique. This is not to say that the spread will not be multi-purpose, in fact a whole chapter is devoted to generalizing the spread to fit more situations. Packed full of examples and great excercises (I had one spread grow out of an exercise) this book gives you all the inspiration you’ll ever need.

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