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Collectanea Chemica: Being Certain Select Treatises on Alchemy and Hermetic Medi

The Hermetic Tracts comprised in this volume are printed from a quarto manuscript (itself a transcript from an older but now untraceable work) belonging to the celebrated collection of the late Mr. Frederick Hockley, who was well known among modern students of the secret sciences, not only for the resources of his Hermetic library, but for his practical acquaintance with many branches of esoteric lore, and for his real or reputed connection with the numerous but unavowed associations which now, as at anterior periods, are supposed to dispense initiation into occult knowledge. Being a collection of alchemical works. Contents: The Secret of the Immortal Liquor called Alkahest; Aurum Potabile; The Admirable Efficacy of the True Oil of Sulphur Vive; The Stone of the Philosophers; The Bosom Book of Sire George Ripley, The Preparation of the Sophic Mercury. Highly recommended.

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