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Classic Tarot Spreads

Classic Tarot Spreads presents one of the most comprehensive collections of card spreads available in one book. It includes 22 classic spreads that provide a key to the history, mythology and metaphysical meanings of the cards. The book not only covers the practice and ritual of card reading, it treats the Tarot deck as a magical tool and counseling medium that can be used to resolve basic life issues. Sandor Konraad includes spreads for opening a reading – answering questions about health, love, marriage and money – as well as spreads for ending a reading.

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2 comments on “Classic Tarot Spreads

  1. The best tarot book EVER This book is the easiest way to learn tarot. By learning the numerology that goes with the tarot, you can learn to read cards much more quickly than by memorizing pages of explanation about the cards. Using Sandor Konraad’s method, it’s very possible to learn to read tarot within 30 days.I would recommend this book to anyone that has had a hard time learning tarot. It isn’t confusing like some methods. I rate it 10 stars!! (even though there are only 5 stars!)

  2. a veritable feast of tarot spreads in one small book Konraad had compiled a veritable feast of tarot spreads in one small book. His explanations for layouts and spread interpretations are concise and his understanding of the tarot is quite sophisticated. This is a book that tarot card readers will refer to over and over again – the spreads are simply wonderful. Unlike other books that focus on the meanings of the individual cards – most recently, Gareth Knight’s in-depth and brilliant, The Magical World of the Tarot – Konraad explores the spreads in a manner that won’t be found in other tarot books. Highly, highly recommended

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