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Blank Playing Cards

CTU7387 Create your own game or activity with this set of 50 high quality card deck coated on both sides.

Product Features

  • Weight – 0.15
  • Depth – 4.38
  • Width – 5.50
  • Height – 0.63

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2 comments on “Blank Playing Cards

  1. Decent. Im not a card player however I bought these cards to build a shim around a sculpture i constructed. They are decent, durable cards. I was able to draw on them with a permanant marker so i think they would make excellent home made flash cards. Because they have no printing on either side, they seem slightly smaller than standard playing cards.

  2. It really depends, what you want These card, work really great as playing cards. However, extremely difficult to write on, with your average run of the mill pens.In fact; I tested out, 20 different types of pens on one these BLANK PLAYING CARDS. Just to see, what would and wouldn’t work out. and of 20 pens, I tested, only 3 of them worked out, perfectly. The other 17, wouldn’t take to the card.But, if you don’t mine putting in a bit of extra work. They truly are nice playing cards,and are of better quality then magic or then average playing card.Tip:The pens that work out, really well with these card. are: Sharpies,Pilot GOLD Marker,and most gel pens. ( you just have to wait for the ink to dry)

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