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Astrodice: Astrology Divination Fortune Telling Dice

You don’t need to know anything about astrology to use Astrodice. They can be used for divination (fortune telling), as a learning tool for astrology students, or just for fun. The leaflet enclosed with the dice explains the symbols and shows you how to interpret the results. With a little practice you will recognize the symbols easily, and find that your intuition guides your understanding.

Included in Storage Tin: Three 12 sided dice – Zodiac Signs, Planets and Houses; one Velveteen drawstring pouch to carry your dice in and Instruction booklet.

Product Features

  • Includes 3 – 12 Sided Dice
  • Zodiac Sign Dice
  • Planet Dice
  • Houses Dice

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3 comments on “Astrodice: Astrology Divination Fortune Telling Dice

  1. Astrodice review This is a fantastic learning tool for astrology. As a professional astrologer and Instructor of Astrology, I recommend first learning the basics of astrology before playing the Astrodice game. The game reinforces your knowledge of astrology. It’s a really great tool.

  2. accurate readings The dice are beautiful! The instructions are easy to follow. The dice, pouch, and instructions fit perfectly in the tin. The dice represent the planets, Zodiac, and the houses. You ask your question, cast the dice, and then read the interpretations. Enjoy!

  3. i have used the dice twice and the reading was spot on. they are very pretty and an easy to use pamphlet comes with them. they are contained in a small felt pouch in an attractive tin container. i would recommend this product. it was shipped and rec’d quickly.

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