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ARCANE DAWN: The Golden Dawn Chronicles – Episode One (The Abra-Melin War Book 1)

Magic has awoken on Earth.
Those who can use it are licensed through the Guild.
The Guild tries to unite the Orders, religions and cults who practice the arcane rituals of alchemy, theurgy and thaumaturgy. For now, peace prevails with the world’s tacit acceptance of these Other human beings. Most people just want to live out their lives in a world on its way to unprecedented peace and prosperity.

However, Saoirse only gets to be a senior in high school for a day before a new student draws her away to join the ranks of licensed magicians who now face the beginnings of an occult World War.

As the arcane imbued Others and Normals — the new division of humans — get comfortable with the new order of things, few realize that magic is merely the harbinger to the Apocalypsis: The Unveiling of the True Reality.

The magical war that Saoirse has by “chance” stumbled upon she realizes is only the beginning of an End the likes of which no human can guess at, much less prevent.

And so, Saoirse must become more than human….

A story told of a very possible alternate reality to ours, drawn from the actual occult grimoires of our own human history, and linked through secrets of esoteric orders, mythology and ancient Biblical texts and aprocrypha by a skilled scholar. – RC @RoisinCross

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