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Apocalypse Tarot

Full 78 card tarot deck the Tarot of the Apocalypse. Created by the Polish philosopher and astrologer Swiatoslaw Nowicki, illustrated by Robert Sobota in black and white, coloured by Magdalena Walulik.

This Polish deck of cards presents a new original approach to the tarot, based on non-orthodox, esoteric interpretation of the main Christian symbols and ideas. The deck is a challenge. This is not just an imitation of Rider Waite or Crowley. This is a completely new tarot concept, however strictly built-in the traditional tarot structure.

It is possibly the first deck in 4 centuries to get the distinction of being burned by Catholics as a devilish instrument, which was widely commented in the press and Internet. The deck and the companion book have burned in public as a tool of Satan by Tomasz Terlikowski, the chief editor of “Fronda”, a big Polish ultra-Catholic internet portal. He took an ax and chopped the deck of tarot cards and the book to pieces. Next he burned the pieces in a stove in a place he named “Fronda Incinerator of All Things Evil”. In the oven is the place all the tools of Satan!

An exceptional deck with a philosophical perspective, and a unique interpretation of Catholic, Pagan and some Jewish symbols and ideas.

Esoteric Christianity in the Major Arcana. Polish Catholic on the pips. How do you find yourself in the times of the Apocalypse?

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