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A Magical Course in Tarot: Reading the Cards in a Whole New Way

As interest in spirituality and divine guidance continues to grow, more and more readers are turning to the ancient art of Tarot. A Magical Course in Tarot offers an unprecedented understanding of this mysterious art. Appealing to both novice and experienced Tarot readers, Michele Morgan’s method taps into the psychic energies that are inherent in everyone. Morgan’s strategy, which can be applied to any of the various Tarot decks, allows the reader to begin reading cards after the first chapter.

Accompanied by 78 beautifully penned original illustrations, this guide is divided into three sections, including how to follow one’s instincts, traditional and historical meanings of the cards, and a detailed analysis on the interactions among the cards.

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2 comments on “A Magical Course in Tarot: Reading the Cards in a Whole New Way

  1. Refreshing and Renewing I have been a student of the tarot for the past three years, and have read so many books and how to manuals! Then along comes Michele Morgan’s “A Magical Course in Tarot”.- And Believe me it truly is magical! The book is at once partly traditional in nature, but totally refreshing because Michele Morgan also offers us a renewed way to view all the traditional attitudes about Tarot, while at the same time allowing and encouraging the reader to experiment and lean toward your own feelings, interpretations and intuition. Reading this book was a liberating experience for me. The expamples and excercises she uses in the book are easy to do and create an interactive tarot card adventure. Most important is Michele’s tongue in cheek writing style. Never forcing or overwhelming, she has the ability to laugh at herself, and to be free to explore new territory. She incorporates simple explanations, with an often humorous writing style the reader can easily relate to. The reader will feel as if he knows Michele or would like to meet her. I read this book very quickly because of her writing style, and would highly recommend it to any one interested in the tarot. It doesn’t matter if you are an oldie or a newbie. Read this book!

  2. best tarot book, ever I have been attracted to tarot for many, many years but never could make sense of the booklets that come with the decks or the books you can buy separately. I would do a spread, read the booklet and then say, “ok this makes a little sense, but not much,” and put the deck away for another year.

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